Time to Reflect

The election has been over for two days. I had intended to comment sooner but I had some connection problems.

Looking back over the last year or so I have a few observations about what took place and the historic victory of our President.

First we need to address Michael Moore. This loudmouth did everything he could to derail the President. His hack job of a movie was a pack of lies designed for one thing; to help remove the President from office. The night before the election Moore wrote a nasty article and he said good-bye to the President. On Wednesday, that article was no longer posted on his site. It would seem that the man who wants things out in the open did not want his errors left out there for everyone to see. This blowhard needs to crawl back under his rock. Moore, I want to say this directly to you. In 2000 you and your ilk called President Bush illegitimate and stated he was not elected. You said he did not have a mandate. Well take a good look. He won by over 4 million votes, took many states handily including Florida and Ohio. He won the election despite the crap he had to endure from the likes of you. And now fat boy, the President has a mandate and there is no doubt that he was elected. So shut your piehole and move on with your miserable life. Folks, if you are still in doubt about this POS then look at his web site. He wrote “My first thoughts after the election:”
And then he listed the names of all the dead military members fighting the war on terror with a picture of President Bush made up of the pictures of those war dead. Moore, perhaps someone should teach you what respect for the dead is. Perhaps you should be taught what it means to actually fight for something.
Ladies and gentlemen, this jerk just wants to make movies and then make money off those willing to pay for them. Don’t waste your money. I bet in the next six months he has a crocumentary out with all the film he shot on election day talking about how the election was stolen. Moore, I want you to charter a plane and put your liberal buddies Streisand, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Puff Diddily, Cher, Eminem, the Dixie Sluts and anybody else not happy here and fly to France. They will be happy to have you and your kool aid drinking friends.

To Mr. John Edwards. You need to take your self serving butt back to private life. Go on out and sue a bunch of doctors over frivolous stuff so you can cry about how much health care costs. When you lost the election two good things happened. You were denied the White House and you were not in the Senate any more. America will not forget how you acted during this campaign and she will not forget how you have abused the system and screwed doctors to make your self a fortune. On a more personal note, I heard today that your wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I will keep her in my prayers and I wish her the best in her treatment. I pray she has successful treatment and a speedy recovery. I hope, for her sake, you can find a doctor that is not afraid of lawsuits to treat her.

To the Main Stream Media. You guys backed a loser. You were in the tank for Kerry and you were let down. This is what happens when you sell your souls to the devil. Dan Rather and his phony documents, all the negative reporting, the bias. It was all amazing and it pained me to see once proud networks that had ethical standards stoop down low and play partisan politics. You will be no more to me than the transcription service for the democratic party. I will get my news from other venues. I only hope that you sink so low that you are replaced by fair and balanced reporting.

To Fox News. Thanks for providing fair and balanced reporting. You always had people from both sides on and you gave them equal respect. Your views are more right than center but you provide opposing view points. I can’t stand Alan Colmes but I am glad you have him on to provide balance to the show. This is what reporting should be.

To the rest of the Hollywood crowd. Those of you who think you speak for the rest of the public. Keep your mouths shut. Keep your opinions to yourself. We out here in the real world find it hard to take advice on morality and social issues from drug and alcohol abusers who have had a thousand abortions and as many marriages. Those of you who cry for peace in Iraq while shooting war movies and other films of violence to make money have no credibility. We do not want you to tell us what we should and should not do when you are out bad mouthing our country and supporting those who would do us harm. Perhaps one day the liberal coast of California will crack off and fall into the ocean. You can float out on your own little island and fight over who gets to be king. By the way, if you feel the Earth cracking, invite Michael Moore over for drinks…

To Ms. Traaaaaza Heinz. You need to get therapy, and lots of it. It is amazing that you have not been slapped into oblivion. You fit the mould of the liberal elitist. You are rich so you think everyone is entitled to your opinion. I am glad you are not going to the White House because the nation needs a First LADY, and you do not fit the bill. Every time you open your mouth you sound like a drunken sailor. Please, do us a favor and shut up.

To Terry McAuliffe, Joe Lockhart and the rest of the DNC talking heads. Now will you shut up and go home? We are tired of seeing you on TV spouting off lies about this and that. Terry, you need to get back to rehab, or the joint, or where ever it is you slither around. Please do us all a favor and get out of politics.

To John Kerry. Senator, you ran a nasty, divisive campaign. You deserved to lose. Your past caught up with you and you finally paid for the things you did at other people’s expense. You had ideas about being President since you were a young lad and your whole life has been a calculated plan to get that prize. Along the way you hurt a lot of people. The most unforgivable thing you did was turn your back on your fellow service members and cause them harm and grief. You broke the trust the warfighter must have in his team and you were a traitor to your nation. You helped the enemy and that was a sin. It is amazing you ever made it this far with the things you have done. Many others have had to call it quits over lesser offenses but you kept getting a pass. Mr. Kerry, that was God’s way of bringing you down a notch. He knows about you and your self-centered ways. He knows what you have done in the name of power and he was not happy. He let you get to the edge, right to where your prize was within reach, right to the edge, so close you could tase it and then he snatched it away from you. You have been smitten by the Almighty. I will give you credit for one thing. You had the decency to concede the election early. I understand the need to look at the numbers closely before making a decision. It was a close election and a once in a lifetime chance. No one should fault you for waiting to see what your options were. After you assessed the situation you saw you could not win so you had the decency to concede and did so graciously. Perhaps this will help heal some of the wounds you have inflicted along the way. I can never forgive you for what you did to our service members but I will thank you for bowing out gracefully.

This has been a great election with results that are best for the country. The people above are why the democrats are in bad shape. A once proud party is in ruins because of the way they act and the company they keep. This election was a mandate. Look at the number of seats the republicans picked up. The American public has spoken, now it is time for the donks to listen.

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