Time To Rally The Troops – McCain/Palin Victory

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Well, we have come down to the end of what seems like an eternal campaign season and tomorrow Americans (and some illegals as well as dead people and a few cartoon characters) will vote for a new person to run this country. This is the rally call for all to get out and vote for John McCain.

The poll numbers are now close because no pollster wants to look stupid on election day but the media and the pollsters have been misleading people all along. The race is close and it will likely come down to the wire tomorrow with several key battleground states playing a pivotal role in the process. The one and only thing that will determine the outcome of this election is voter turn out. If all the people who have conservative values as well as those who believe Obama is not the right man for the job turn out, there is no way John McCain can lose.

The media will try to discourage you. They have been doing that all along which is why they keep talking about landslides and an Obama win as a foregone conclusion. They do not want McCain supporters to vote so they can ensure their chosen candidate wins. We can stop them from winning by getting out and voting. We have the numbers if we ALL just get out and vote. They think we are disheartened. They think we are uninspired and they think they have this wrapped up. It is up to us to show them that the voters decide the elections and not the media wing of the Democratic party.

No matter what you hear you must get out and vote. The media will play this very dirty. Exit polls will be released very early in the day claiming a big Barack Obama win. This will be a deliberate attempt to influence McCain voters. They will be leaking this “news” to discourage us from voting. Remember their early exit polls in 2004. If they had been correct John Kerry would have been president.

We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the emotion of the moment. We absolutely must vote regardless of the news we hear. Some networks are going to call certain key states for Obama as soon as their polls close to discourage you. They will be proved wrong later and will be laughed at but they do not care. Their goal is to secure an Obama win. If he wins, their gaffe will be overlooked. If Obama loses the networks that called states for him early on will look like fools and fall under heavy scrutiny. After all they have done to us and for Obama in this election it is our time to get out and make them look bad. We have the power but we must remain focused.

Those of you on the west coast will be particularly vulnerable as will some east coast states that close after a few of the central states. Regardless of what you hear you must vote. It is imperative that you vote NO MATTER WHAT.

I know this is repetitive but the process is not a lost cause unless we either do not turn out or we allow them to influence our behavior by convincing us that it is a waste of time to go vote. They will work very hard throughout the day to keep you from voting.

Do not let idiots like Keith Olberman and his ilk influence your behavior. No matter what get out and vote. We hold our fate and our destiny in our hands.

Remember how close Florida was in 2000? That is because a network deliberately called the state for Gore an hour before the polls closed in the panhandle which is in the central timezone. That area is heavily Republican and tens of thousands of people went home rather than stand in line because they were convinced by the media that Bush had lost. If they had stayed in line the fiasco after the election would never have happened.

They will try this again. They will call states early and they will continually say that exit polls show Obama in a landslide. There is no winner until all of our votes are counted and that means we have to vote for them to count.

Remember, you MUST vote. Get your family and friends and head to the polls. There should be no obstacle that keeps you from the polls. The people in Iraq risked death to vote and they still voted. We can accept nothing less than 100% dedication to this cause.

Get out and vote and we can win. The Democrats are counting on their newly registered supporters but we have many more people as long as we all vote.

Let’s keep clear heads, keep our emotions in check and make sure we are in the battle. We need all our troops to rally now to ensure that America is not taken over by Obama and his Socialist plans. It is time for us to show John McCain the same dedication he has shown this country. We cannot let him down.

See you in victory!

Obama wins the popular vote but:
McCain 274 Obama 264 in the electoral.

It can happen but the outcome depends on you.

Big Dog

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15 Responses to “Time To Rally The Troops – McCain/Palin Victory”

  1. rrichardson says:

    More Bad News Today:

    Obama McCain Spread

    RCP National Average 51.2 44.2 Obama +7.0
    Favorable Ratings +17.0 +9.3 Obama +7.7
    Intrade Market Odds 90.7 10.0
    Electoral College
    RCP Electoral Count 278 132 Obama +146
    No Toss Up States 338 200 Obama +138

    Battleground States
    Florida 48.5 46.0 Obama +2.5
    North Carolina 47.8 47.8 Tie
    Virginia 50.0 45.8 Obama +4.2
    Ohio 49.3 45.0 Obama +4.3
    Missouri 47.2 47.6 McCain +0.4
    Colorado 50.5 45.0 Obama +5.5
    Nevada 49.6 43.4 Obama +6.2

    LA Times
    Nov. 3

    Final Rove electoral map sees large Obama win over McCain

    Well, the final day before the official presidential voting and the final version of Karl Rove’s exclusive national electoral map sees a strong victory for Barack Obama, gaining the most electoral votes since Bill Clinton’s lopsided win over Bob Dole in 1996.

    According to the research of compiled state polls by Karl Rove & Co., the hypothetical electoral college numbers suggest an Obama win over the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin of 338 electoral votes to 200.

    For the final report, Rove has allocated each state to the candidate leading there in state polls today.

    According to these calculations, Obama takes hard-fought Florida. But McCain edges ahead in Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and North Carolina.

    Rove notes that Obama and McCain are in dead heats in North Carolina and Missouri, but the most recent polls over the weekend show a trend toward the Republican ticket. “Florida, too, could end up in McCain’s column,” Rove adds, “since he’s benefited from recent movement in the state.” But it’s not enough for the Arizona senator to capture the necessary 270.

    For an explanation of the research methodology and for a chart showing the study’s movements week by week since July 1, click on the Read more line below. The Ticket’s appreciation to Rove & Co. for its permission to publish these polls simultaneously throughout the recent hotly contested months.

    –Andrew Malcolm

    The Street.Com
    Polls: Obama First, McCain Second

    11/03/08 – 05:01 PM EST

    Eight national presidential polls released Monday put Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) behind Sen. Barack Obama (D., Ill.) in the race for the White House Tuesday. McCain loses in every poll by an average of more than seven points, confirming predictions by many pundits of a McCain loss in the popular vote.

    McCain’s only chance for a win would be an unlikely scenario similar to 2000 when President Bush upset Al Gore by winning the electoral college. However, the swing state polls show McCain is in the hole there as well, and any upset scenario forces a focus on the several big states — Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

    Ohio has served as an accurate predictor of the presidential race since 1960. Despite McCain focusing on the home state of Joe the Plumber, he has fallen behind in Ohio in most presidential polls. The most favorable poll for McCain, conducted by Fox, has McCain tied with Obama. The poll least favorable to McCain’s chances, Quinnipiac, has him down seven points.

    Monday, November 3, 2008 – 10:28 AM EST
    New poll: Obama leads by 10 points in Pa.
    Pittsburgh Business Times
    A new poll finds Democrat Barack Obama holding a substantial lead over Republican John McCain in Pennsylvania, as the two candidates campaign down to the wire Monday.

    The final pre-election poll from Quinnipiac University shows Obama with a 10-point lead over McCain. Obama leads 52 percent to 42 percent, the poll found, compared to last week’s poll, which showed Obama with a slightly larger lead of 11 points, with 53 percent to McCain’s 41 percent.

    Obama also leads McCain in Ohio by seven percentage points, 50 percent to 43 percent. The other swing state in Quinnipiac’s poll, Florida, is still too close to call, the poll found.

    The poll surveyed likely voters between Oct. 27 and Nov. 3.

    Poll Shows Obama Deflected Recent Attacks
    Republicans Challenged Democrat on Taxes, Readiness and Crisis Management

    Monday, November 3, 2008; Page A09

    With one day to go, Democrat Barack Obama appears to have rebuffed recent GOP efforts to label him as “too liberal” or too big a gamble.

    The new Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll puts Obama well out in front over Republican John McCain and finds that Obama has firmly reestablished his advantage on handling the economy, beaten back a challenge on taxes and has an edge in terms of perceptions about which candidate would better deal with an unexpected major crisis.

    November 2, 2008, 7:00 PM
    CBS Poll: Obama Maintains 13 Point Lead
    Posted by Brian Montopoli| 138

    With two days left until the presidential election, Barack Obama continues to lead John McCain by 13 points among likely voters, 54 percent to 41 percent, a new CBS News poll finds. The margin in the new poll, released Sunday, is identical to that in a CBS News poll released Saturday.

    As the number of undecided voters has dwindled, so has the number that says their minds can still change. More than nine in 10 of each candidate’s voters now say they have made up their minds about who to vote for and are not likely to change. Just seven percent of Obama voters and 8 percent of McCain voters say they still might change their minds.

    With two days to go, only 8 percent of likely voters are uncommitted – either they have not yet chosen a candidate, or their minds could still change. Nearly all of these uncommitted voters say they plan to vote.

    ABC News

    Daily Tracking Poll: Not Just Economy and Bush; Palin Is Trouble for McCain Too
    Obama Leads McCain 54-43 in Latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll
    Nov. 3, 2008
    Barack Obama’s strong close in the 2008 campaign has been boosted by more than the shell-shocked economy and the Bush legacy. There’s also Sarah Palin, and the concern she incites, especially among voters who are worried about John McCain’s age.
    More PhotosForty-six percent of likely voters now say having Palin on the ticket makes them less likely to support McCain — up 14 points in just the past month and more than double what it was in early September. And among those who call the candidates’ age an important factor in their vote, more, 61 percent, say Palin makes them less likely to back McCain.

    Nat Public Radio
    All Things Considered, November 2, 2008 · The final Pew Research Center poll of the 2008 presidential election gives Barack Obama a 49 to 42 percent lead over his rival, John McCain. Though still a significant lead, it’s suddenly a much tighter race than Obama’s 15-point lead from last week.

    There are two things closing the gap, says Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center. First, McCain has made some gains among whites, independents and middle-income voters. But the other boost he’s enjoying comes from narrowing the pool of responses from registered voters to likely voters.

    Typically, Republican voters tend to vote more regularly than some Democratic voting groups — particularly young people and blacks, Kohut says. So while turnout is up among those groups, it’s also up across the board — giving Republicans a boost when the poll focuses on likely voters.

    It may not be as strong as a week ago, but Obama’s lead in the Pew poll agrees with several national polls that have him ahead by a 5-point average.

    “This is a pretty substantial lead,” Kohut says. “We haven’t had a lead for a candidate this substantial since 1996, when President Clinton was leading Sen. Dole in the final weekend of the campaign.”

    But that’s not the only poll data leaning in Obama’s favor.
    The strength of each candidate’s support among likely voters has historically been a significant indicator of a race’s outcome. According to the Pew poll, 36 percent of likely voters say they strongly support Obama, while only 24 percent say they are strong supporters of McCain.

    “Typically,” Kohut says, “if we look back to elections going back to 1960, invariably the candidate with the stronger support wins the election.”

  2. Big Dog says:

    Polls don’t vote, people do.

    Rove’s polls are a 14 day running average and lag behind. The polls have been skewed and this will be a lot closer than this indicates.

  3. MsWA says:

    I am on the West Coast and the Obama drones are out in full force, already planning huge elaborate victory parties and all but going beserk because they think they’ve already won.

    We know better!!! It’s down to the votes and we’re smart and know it’s still anybody’s game.

    McCain/Palin ’08!!!

  4. David Kirk says:

    Big Dog you are absolutely right. I don’t know if you read that idiot’s ranting but I couldn’t. Actually, I just didn’t try. It goes along with what you are saying. Don’t believe the polls. Fulfill your constitutional priviledge and vote. Don’t let the press vote for you. “It aint over til it’s over”

  5. Adam says:

    “Polls don’t vote, people do.”

    Also polls and exit polls don’t take into account those votes that are lost or not counted…so bring a couple more folks to the polls that agree with you and maybe at least one of you will have your vote counted. ;)

    This post reminds me. A boss I had in AR said her husband was still in line to vote when they said Clinton won. He voted anyway though. You don’t get dressed up for nothing…

  6. Jo says:

    Alabama has no early voting, so heading to the polls this morning before I go to work today.

    I don’t believe in early voting and think it should be stopped completely. That’s what absentee ballots are for.

  7. David Kirk says:

    Early voting is a recipe for voter fraud. Besides, it’s a tradition to go today. It’s like Christmas shopping. There are just certain ways you do it. I’m about to leave to go vote before I open my office. I think I’ll do it again at lunch. Then there is the traditional evening vote, after dark, to look forward to.

  8. Big Dog says:

    If he voted for Clinton he did get dressed up for nothing.

    Exit polls also don’t count Obama workers who have registered and voted in 2 or 3 states…

    No, voter fraud does not happen. It is the Democrats and the media who are trying to suppress the vote.

    Won’t work!

  9. […] Cross-Posted with permission FROM Big Dog’s Weblog […]

  10. Big Dog says:

    Hey Adam,
    Is this what you meant by people not being allowed to participate in the process?

  11. Adam says:

    I’ve never said voter fraud doesn’t happen or that voter suppression is only created by the GOP. I’m not that partisan. Are you?

  12. barry says:

    Republicans….please go and vote…..you will do the whole free world a favour…we in south africa pray for you…Obama will turn the USA upside down and wont see the wrong he is doing…please vote

  13. Kevin says:

    Barry said–“Republicans….please go and vote….” I am a lifelong Republican who will be voting for Bob Barr. Some will say that is a wasted vote. I say voting for someone who supported the wall street bailouts , who has failed to take a strong stand against illegal immigration and securing the borders, who has supported the continuing bloat and expansion of the federal government and budget, and who has stood silent against the ongoing assault on our constitutional liberties is the true wasted vote.

  14. “Polls don’t vote, people do.”

    And who contributes to the data in the polls? I always assumed it was likely voters, but what do I know?

    I understand and even appreciate the go-down-swinging mentality, but this is sheer hilarity. Big Dog’s 274-264 prediction favoring McCain will be off by well over 50 electoral ticks, probably closer to 75.