Time To Pull The Plug On Obamacare

This week will be full of back and forth fighting over Obamacare and the budget. Conservatives are trying to defund Obamacare while providing funds for all the rest of the government but Barack Obama and his henchmen in the Senate are holding the country hostage over the failed legislation. Those of us affected by it are in the dark

A huge majority of Americans does not want Obamacare and they want to be left out of it. Obama and the Democrats (as well as obedient establishment Republicans) are ignoring the will of the people and threatening to shut down the federal government if they do not get their way.

These people want to ignore the majority of Americans on this issue and impose this on them against their will.

Interestingly, Democrats think we should follow the majority opinion when it involves something they want. They falsely claim that a majority of Americans want the gun control they are pushing (this is untrue) and use that alleged support as a reason to impose unconstitutional restrictions upon us.

When the majority actually does favor something (like getting rid of Obamacare) they ignore the will of the people.

Obamacare is a failure, period. More than half of the lawful deadlines have been missed and Barack Obama has illegally changed the law to benefit businesses and his buddies (the Executive cannot change a law unless there are provisions for the changes in the law, otherwise, only the Legislative can change the law).

Obamacare is so great that Obama has exempted a great number of organizations who do not like it (most of whom supported it). The law has even been changed in order to keep Congress and Congressional staffers from participating.

The law they passed is good enough for YOU but not for them. Democrats are fighting attempts to ensure the law is followed and that Congress is not exempted and they are receiving help from Republicans who do not want it either. I do not blame Republicans for not wanting it because none of them voted for it. However, the law is the law and if it passed and must be followed by the rest of us then they should not be exempt.

I feel sorry for the millionaires in Congress who can’t afford health insurance on over $170,000 per year but they are just going to have, to quote Obama, to eat their peas.

Efforts to ensure Congress must follow the law are also aimed at Chief Justice John Roberts. People want him to have to be in Obamacare since he ruled it Constitutional (actually he changed the law by rewriting it which is not the job of the Legislative Branch).

It appears as if the people who work for us are having trouble doing the jobs they are authorized to by the Constitution and are too busy involving themselves in things they do not belong in.

The Republicans can defund this. If the Senate will not get on board then the House should send single bills to fund other parts of government. The first one should be for Defense to ensure the soldiers get paid (Social Security is on autopilot so people will get their checks). Let the Senate vote that up or down.

Then the House can do that with each other part of government covered in the entire budget. They can make it so nothing can be added to it because it will be a single budget item.

Let Democrats vote each item of the government up or down and hold them accountable.

If Obama vetoes any item then hold him accountable.

These folks are playing games and we are the collateral damage of their petulance.

I know that the brain dead witch Pelosi said there was nothing else to cut from the budget but if they hire me, give me the budget and two months I will have cuts for them.

And since I am not in elected office I can’t be swayed by the desire to get reelected…

Obamacare will vary by state
Fish wrap of record finally sees the truth…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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