Time To Make Same Demands Of Michael Moore

Michael Moore has shown his two new films at a Toronto film festival and it is time for Conservatives to make demands about them. We need to demand that they be edited or not shown because they are full of lies. I can be sure of that because of his record.

In reality, I do not care if they show his films because I can, and do, choose not to see them. People in this country are free to watch a movie or not watch a movie. That is, of course, unless the movie offends the moonbats. In that case, no one is allowed to see the film.

As with Michael Moore’s last movies, I do not think school children should be forced to see them. If they want to and the school makes them available then it is OK but forcing them upon children would be wrong, and of course there should be the disclaimers and warnings that the movies are fictionalized events (because Moore uses a lot of fiction). But, the same does not hold true for The Path to 9/11. In that case the moonbats want it pulled from schools and not shown on TV.

We live in a country where everyone must do things according to the edicts of the Democrats or we are castigated. Soon they will be killing us instead of silencing us.

Sound like any other element you have heard of? Here is a clue; Islam.


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