Time to Forget Kerry’s Vietnam Service

I believe it is time to forget the war in Vietnam. Not forget what it meant to this country but forget it in this presidential race. I know that John Kerry brought it up when he reported for duty and his actions made it fair game. I think we can all admire the fact that he served our country and as for his medals and actions, I was not there so I can not comment except to say that there are an awful lot of people who were there questioning Kerry’s recollection of the events. I think that is interesting that he threw the medals away but now acts like he is proud of them.
But I said we should put this behind us. We can not prove he is telling the truth because he will not release his records. That is his prerogative. We can however, focus on what he did when he got home. His actions as a war protestor are well documented and try as he might to bury these actions, they just keep coming back to haunt him. John Kerry came home and provided our enemy with the tools to win the war, not in battle, but in the public’s eyes. He gave aid and comfort to the very people who tortured American prisoners. He met with communists and consorted with Jane Fonda. He disgraced the American flag and all that it stands for. The flag has white for the purity of a new nation, blue for the fidelity of the nation, and red for the blood shed to ensure our freedom. The flag became much redder after John Kerry stuck a knife in the soul of our very being.
Yes, let’s look at what he did when he got home. He can not hide that in a medical record. And while we are at it, let’s look at the other part of his life he cannot hide. His 19 years in the Senate. John Kerry has voted against most every piece of legislation that would be good for America. He voted against many weapons systems and he voted against increases in the military budget. He has voted countless times for tax increases to feed the hungry beast known as government. John Kerry has a poor record as a Senator and this is all public information. Kerry though, must think his senatorial record is tucked away with his medical records because he continually misstates his actions. He voted for one thing, then he voted against it. He says whatever he thinks the electorate wants to hear. He stated recently that he has been tough on Cuba that is why he voted for the Helms-Burton legislation. Problem is, he voted against it. John Kerry has taken both sides of so many issues for so long that he actually believes what he is saying.
Unfortunately, so do many Americans. Mike Hersh falls for this at his web site. He constantly supports whatever Kerry says as if it were the Gospel truth. He is now reporting what former LT Gov Barnes of Texas is saying about getting George Bush in to the National Guard. If Hersh would check he would see that W went in the Guard a year before Barnes was elected.
Oh well, the yellow dog Democrats have never let the truth get in the way of their agenda.
I say, for the rest of the election season we hammer Kerry on what he did when he got home and his dismal 19 year Senate record. Then, we will see some sparks (and maybe tears) fly.

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