Time Running Out For Murderer

Vernon Evans was convicted of murder 23 years ago for the brutal contract slaying of two people in the state of Maryland. Evans was paid $9000 by a drug dealer to kill two people the dealer believed were going to testify against him in a criminal trial. One of the victims was the sister of the intended target and was killed when she was mistaken for her sister.

Evans has been on death row for more than 23 years. He used a machine gun to kill two people in cold blood. He caused untold anguish to two families and he is appealing his sentence because the lethal injection is “cruel and unusual.” It takes a lot of nerve to cry about a relatively painless death when you consider what was done to the victims. The difference is, the killer gets countless opportunities to plead for his life. His victims were not so fortunate.

The appeals are flying furiously this week. They are claiming the state did not apply the method of execution according to its rules, that it is cruel and unusual, and Evans is also asking the Governor for clemency. A judge today ruled against the appeal stating that she did not believe the motion had a chance to pass because a higher court had already ruled on a similar issue. The Governor is unlikely to grant clemency and I doubt the Supreme Court will hear the case.

So, after 23 years and countless appeals this cold blooded killer will most likely get what a jury of his peers deemed appropriate. As far as his worry about a little pain during the process. Have no fear Mr. Evans, it will be over in no time.

Source: WBAL

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