Time for Troops to Pull Out

It is time for all troops and those who support the troops to pull out of anything that involves Democrats. We need to disregard the Democrats and any supporter or troop who is registered as a Democrat needs to change party affiliation. If a Democrat represents your district or either of your Senators is a Democrat, you need to ignore anything they want and need to give them a hard time. We need to ignore them and let them know they are not relevant because John Kerry insulted the troops with a botched joke.

Old news you say? Well it is but it is now relevant because the Democrats have pulled out of a debate that was sponsored by Fox because they do not believe Fox would give them a fair shake. They claim it is because of a statement that Roger Ailes (Fox News CEO) made that was a joke directed at President Bush but also poked fun at Obama’s name. I understood the joke (but I am brighter than most Liberals) but let us assume it was “botched” and just move on. Instead, Nevada, where the debate was to be held, bowed out.

They claim it is because the Ailes remark shows that Fox is not fair but that is a bunch of crap. John Edwards had already complained about Fox and said that he would not participate because he felt that Fox was a mouthpiece for the right. Edwards would rather this be handled by the other media outlets that are mouthpieces for the left (or in liberal talk, fair). Perhaps Edwards is worried they will call him a faggot. Once you have that fag tag it is hard to shake. In any event, the Democrats needed a reason to follow on with brother John and they found one.

The debate gave Democrats a chance to reach an audience that they might not have normally targeted. Pulling out shows they are only concerned with appeasing their base and do not care about any one else (even though this is for the primary, one of them will be in the general). The left is full of cowards who can not take chances and confront perceived opposition. They would rather cut and run. The Democrats cut and ran from this debate just as they want us to cut and run from the war. They doi not like confrontation because they are weak.

Since this little joke made them throw a fit and leave (they just needed the excuse), we all need to cut from the Democrats over their treatment of our troops. Since most troop supporters are not Democrats the only way to cut is to get these pieces of slime out of office.

Cowards do not deserve to be in office.


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2 Responses to “Time for Troops to Pull Out”

  1. Robert says:

    Well, I guess the Dem’s are the party of cut and run….in EVERYTHING.

    We are in for a hell of a year brother.

  2. Webloggin says:

    Democrats Boycott Fox News Debate…

    Welcome to the new American left. The party that hires hate filled anti-religious bigots as blog masters, the party that speaks for Jesus Christ and spits on his name the minute the lefties line up for a treat, the party of candidates who put on a fake…