Time For Liberals To Stand up to Iran

Ever since the United States invaded Iraq as part of the war on terror the liberals have been beating the same tired drum about going to the United Nations. The liberals have made an issue of the invasion by saying that George Bush did not go to the UN. He in fact did give the UN time to do things through diplomatic channels but the UN failed in its assigned duties. This should be no surprise because the UN had failed for the previous 14 years with regard to the sanctions imposed upon Iraq an, in fact, the UN’s leadership was profiting off the situation.

The left has been going bonkers with regard to Iran ans its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Iran has been enriching Uranium for years and was doing so even when they were supposed to have halted during negotiations. Last week Iran declared itself a nuclear nation and that can only mean they are a little closer to having a nuclear weapon. The world community threatened to impose sanctions through the UN and Iran threatened to retaliate if that happened. Despite some resistance from China and Russia (two countries with close ties to Iran) and last minute appeasement of Russia in its demands to soften a thing or two, the UN Security Council finally voted on sanctions against Iran.

Iran is not happy and is throwing a temper tantrum. In typical fashion for a Muslim country, Iran immediately rejected the resolution. The Muslim countries never follow UN rules or resolutions but are the first to whine if they think another country has done the same. The Muslims will jump in and tell everyone that others need to listen to the UN and follow resolutions and they are more than happy to point out every time they think that Israel has violated a rule or resolution. The fact is, Muslims continually violate the UN resolutions and they are violating several right now with regard to the animals in Hezbollah who are rearming under the noses of UN observers and are preparing to again attack Israel.

Iran has decided that they do not have to listen to the UN and that the sanctions are invalid.

The Iranian government immediately rejected the resolution, vowing in a statement from Tehran to continue enriching uranium, a technology that can be used to produce nuclear fuel for civilian purposes or for a nuclear bomb. The government said it “has not delegated its destiny to the invalid decisions of the U.N. Security Council.” My Way

It is now time for Liberals to stand up and demand that Iran follow the UN’s directions just as they have done to President Bush. The Liberals need to insist that Iran do what they are told to and that they listen to everything that they have been told by the Security Council. The Liberals will not do that because they only expect any Republican President to follow UN directions and to ask for permission before undertaking anything. They do not expect that of any other country, especially a Muslim country and they do not expect it of Democratic Presidents. Anyone recall seeing them give Clinton a hard time for by-passing the UN on the way to Bosnia?

When the threat of Iran became clearer there were many on the left complaining that we would now attack that country. Many of the left wing blogs predicted that we would illegally invade Iran and that we needed to go to the UN and do things the right way. The UN is the left’s panacea and they were demanding that Bush use it with regard to Iran. Well, we used the UN and the UN imposed sanctions which were promptly rejected. It is time for the Liberals to tell Iran to shut up and listen. It is also time for the left to realize that the UN is a toothless organization and countries are free to disregard what they say. It is also time to realize that we did it their way and, so far, the result is not very good. If we end up in a war with Iran the left can keep its mouth shut because we did it their way.

For their own sake, the left needs to convince Iran to listen or the entire country will finally see (though many moonbats will not comprehend) that their way does not work.

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