Time For Israel To End Hamas

We have seen this play out before. The Hamas terrorists launch rockets into Israel and eventually Israel responds with overwhelming force. The world gets upset with Israel for a disproportionate response.

It is starting again. Three Israeli teens were abducted and murdered by Hamas and tensions ran high. Hamas increases the number of rockets it launches into Israel by hundreds a day. Israel responds and is waging war in Gaza.

Israel has been running missions along Gaza and has called up 40,000 troops for a possible ground invasion. Rockets have been shot down in Tel Aviv and one was directed at jerusalem. There appears to be no quick end to this as Israel appears determined to inflict a lot of pain and suffering, as it should.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that has been harassing Israel for a long time. There are talks of peace deals but Hamas does not want peace so it launches rockets in an effort to harass and kill Jews. Israel has responded and so far the UN and other bodies have not said much but it will not be long before the collective starts condemning Israel for a disproportionate response and the death of Palestinians. The Palestinians will drag frozen dead kids out of cold storage and show them off while wailing and decrying the attacks.

The UN will continue to condemn Israel and say they need to cease their attacks. Israel will be made the bad guy while not a word is spoken about the terrorists and their rocket attacks.

In the past Israel inflicted damage and stopped but it looks like this time might be different. Israel called up troops and is waging an aggressive campaign. I think that country has finally had enough.

Good. It is about time. Israel needs to keep attacking until Hamas is gone forever. It needs to bomb all the rocket sites, it needs to bomb all the weapons caches and it needs to bomb any fighter no matter where they are. If that means civilians die then so be it. Hamas cares not one bit about killing Israeli civilians and the UN ignores the attacks on Israelis so the hell with it, obliterate Hamas.

Make them a memory and devastate that area so significantly that it will take them centuries to get back to the stone age they now live in.

But Big Dog, some Israelis murdered a Palestinian kid in retaliation.

Yep and Israel took six people into custody for that crime. Hamas cheers its murderers while Israel prosecutes theirs.

Israel should find a butcher that has lots of pig carcasses and drop them from aircraft into Gaza. Then it should bomb the hell out of the muzzies running away front he dead pigs.

It is time to put an end to Hamas and Israel is the nation that can do it so long as it ignores the anti Semites in the UN and its collective.

And as long as it ignores the anti Semite in the White House.

Go Israel. Give them something to talk about for decades to come. They will call it genocide but we will call it exterminating vermin.

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2 Responses to “Time For Israel To End Hamas”

  1. john says:

    Israel arrested 400 when the 3 Israelis were killed and no one knows if any of those rounded up were even the killers.
    3 of the 6 israelis arrested for burning that kid alive have confessed
    Israel did all it could it weaken Fatah and that allowed Hamas to bloom. If Hamas is destroyed probably the political vacuum will allow an even more radical group to come to power. If hamas is destroyed who do you see taking its palce?

    • Big Dog says:

      Not sure who will fill the vacuum but they will be targeted as well if they attack Israel. Just because someone else might step up is not a reason to allow terrorists to shoot rockets into your country…