Three Piece Suit, Chemical Vest Included

The police int he United Kingdom are searching for a vest that might contain chemical agent and could be used as an explosive device to disperse the agent. This search comes after the police raided a house where suspected terrorists are believed to have been making bombs and planning attacks, perhaps during the World Cup soccer matches next week. Given that police believe that this vest exists it is unsettling that it has not been found. A vest with chemical agents could caused a lot of injures in addition to those caused by the blast.

When I watch the Baltimore news at night and they report on some city teen getting shot (either by the police or by another teen) they always interview the neighbors of the dead guy. Without fail, the interviews paint a picture of a kid who had a perfect GPA, went to school every day, and helped little old ladies across the street. I don’t know how many times I heard “He was a good boy.” Then, of course, the police discuss the dead guy’s criminal record. It is usually thicker than War and Peace and explains why a “good boy” was out at 2 in the morning in a stolen car with drugs.

I relate that little story because every time we hear about some terrorist getting caught we invariably hear how good the person was. He was a pillar of the community, went to Mosque, worked hard, etc. Case in point, the terror suspect who was shot in the police raid in the UK was described as “friendly and very religious.” Those guys captured in Canada were also described as good people.

Folks, good people do not plan and execute schemes that are designed to kill a great number of people. Good people who are very religious do not spend their waking moments thinking about ways to do harm to others, unless of course those who tell us Islam is the religion of peace are now willing to dispense with that charade. Like the young kid gunned down in Baltimore, these people are criminals who do not know how to live in a society governed by morals and value for life.

Source: Reuters

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