This Will Not Matter To The Democrats

Judge Samuel Alito received the American Bar Association’s highest rating indicating that a bunch of lawyers find him extremely qualified for the Supreme Court. The Democrats, who in the past have considered this an important indication of worthiness, will not pay much attention to it. They have made their minds up already and there is little that can happen to change them. Though questions about electronic surveillance are sure to be asked, the Democrats will focus on their core issue of abortion.

The issue of abortion is an important one and certainly the issue will be influenced by who sits on the Court but there are many other issues facing this country for the Democrats to wear blinders during the process. Unfortunately, tunnel vision seems to be an affliction of America’s political left. As perfect as Jesus is, the Democrats would vote against him because of his stance on abortion.

The upcoming confirmation hearings will certainly provide us a great opportunity to assess the Democrats and their visions for America prior to this year’s mid term elections. I have no doubt they will hold true to form and attempt to stop this confirmation and since they do not have the votes, they will resort to the filibuster. In the event they do the Republicans will have a chance to show they are in the majority by exercising the so called “nuclear” option. This will involve changing the procedures the Senate uses and result in disallowing the filibuster.

Time will tell but I have already predicted that Schumer and Clinton will vote against him. They will cite some bogus reason and tell us the process allowed them to decide but make no mistake about it, they have already taken that decision.

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