This Will Confuse Al Gore

Al Gore and the global warming zealots have blamed everything on global warming despite a lack of evidence. Hurricane Katrina-global warming, tsunami-global warming, blizzards-global warming, polar bears with insomnia, you guessed it- global warming. I think gang violence and ILLEGAL immigration is also linked to global warming because if it were not so damned warm these ILLEGALS could not cross the border and gangs would be too cold to fight.

Global warming is a theory that has some scientists who believe in it and others who dispute it. The problem is, the left has declared it a done deal that is real and has moved on to “solving” the problem. This is what they do whenever they lack scientific study or other evidence, they declare they are right and move on. We will end up spending billions of dollars to make people who buy their way out of what they preach feel good about themselves. Unfortunately, their symposiums and other global warming gatherings keep getting canceled because of ice and snow storms. It is the ultimate irony. And then there is this, with regard to the recent tornadoes:

In this case, the extremely cold US was probably a contributing factor. Tornadoes in the US form when a front of dry, cold air descending from the north meets warm, moist air coming up from the south. Sometimes, a body of the cold air slides over the top of the warm air, trapping it underneath.

This creates unstable atmospheric conditions, and if there is enough energy in the system, the warm air will punch through the denser cold air above, triggering thunderstorms. The next step required is for the winds to be changing their speed and direction with altitude. “If there’s enough rotation you get a tornado,” says Bolton (see graphic).

Bolton says a depression has indeed been drawing the cold northern air down across the southern US. At the same time, the anticlockwise motion of the depression drew warm, moist air in from the Florida coast. News Scientist

So now it is cold air that brings about the tornadoes. People who listened in school (are you as smart as a fifth grader?) know how thunderstorms and tornadoes are formed, or at least what conditions must be present for them to have the chance. But you can be sure the global warming crowd will trump up these tornadoes as more proof of global warming and even more reason to take our hard earned money in the form of taxes.

I am one of the people that global warming tree huggers refer to as a denier. This is the disparaging way they try to shame people into joining their side. It will not work in my case because I believe the jury is still out on global warming and I believe that very little man can do will change mother nature. However, if we accept as true the whole global warming argument then I have a solution that does not involve buying offsets of soaking taxpayers.

Pass a law that says politicians (current and former) are not allowed to speak. The amount of hot air that will suddenly stop being spewed into the atmosphere will cause near ice age conditions. That should about do it until the Sun supernovas and wipes out the planet. I bet it will be really hot just before that happens…

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