This Weekend Is a Big Step For Iraq

This coming weekend the people of Iraq will do something they have never really done. They will vote in a national election to select the leaders of their now freed country. Their country was freed from tyranny, but it is not yet free of terrorism. In time they will experience that freedom also. The elections mark a huge milestone in the GWOT. When the United States entered Iraq to disarm Saddam Hussein and take his WMD we also had a goal to free the People of Iraq from a brutal dictator who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of them at will. Hussein fed children to the tigers he kept as pets. This is the kind of man the liberals say we should have left alone. Today we are marking the anniversary of the liberation of millions of Jews from a similar man whose concentration capms took millions of lives. How appropriate that this weekend marks the liberation of Iraq and her people.

I think it is worthy to note that the people of Iraq face challenges in this election. Terrorists (the MSM calls them insurgents) will undoubtedly try to disrupt the process and kill people who want to vote. The interesting thing is that these people will vote. They will face peril to cast their ballots. In this country people complained about waiting in bad weather or having too few voting machines. In Iraq women will vote in the election as equals to men. They will not be considered as property or less than human. They will exercise their right to freely select those who will lead them. Many on the left would have been just as happy if this had never happened. They are probably from the same party that championed women’s rights and their right to vote in the past. My how things have changed.

I know that there will be problems with the vote this weekend. The terrorists will ensure that. But it does not matter because the MSM will only report the bad and the problems encountered. If there are no attacks whatsoever, the MSM will report that the election is a failure because Iraqis had to wait too long to vote. I would not be surprised if Jessie Jackson, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Terry McAuliffe did not reflexively demand a recount when the process is over. They will haggle over the number of votes and say that the presence of the US military disenfranchised the Iraqi voters. They can not help it. They are disabled that way. The Iraqi people are the ones who count. We are helping them to build a country. We are helping them to secure a future. A future without rape rooms, torture chambers, and hungry felines eating their children. We are spreading freedom across a region that has never known what it feels like. And they will like the feeling.

The flowers of freedom are beginning to blossom and when the leaves spread out and feel the warmth of the sunshine they will continue to grow. Like the unencumbered vine the roots of freedom will take hold and will grow with ferocity. The ferocity will be so great it will strike terror in the hearts of those who oppose it. Once the Iraqis get a taste of freedom they will savor it and not want to let it go. Freedom is a basic need of all humans and without it they wither and die. We are providing the seeds of freedom and when the Iraqis take charge it will flourish. This will take time and will not be easy but they will continue to fight with greater zeal everyday because a free person is the most dangerous adversary for those who oppose freedom. We will see the birth of a new nation this weekend despite the troubles that are sure to develop.

Let us pray for the Iraqi people as they embark upon a course that will allow them to be a respected, contributing member of the world in which we live. We, in turn, will be a much stronger nation for having helped to liberate this nation. May God bless the men and women of our Armed forces who will watch over this event.

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