This Should Not Have Happened

The champions of gun control will let everyone know how well they think gun control works and they will so it by pointing to places like Australia and England. Despite the dismal success we are reminded from time to time that the more civilized nations have taken away guns.

At a Kanye West concert in the UK two people were shot. How could that possibly have happened? No one is allowed to own or buy a gun. Following the logic of gun control proponents restrictive gun laws prevent these kinds of things.

It does not surprise me that this kind of violence takes place at a concert West is involved in because he is nothing more than a street thug. I am also not surprised that someone got shot in the UK. Gun control does not work, criminal control does. When I was in the UK my friends there told me how they were required to turn in all their weapons. They then told me how there are a bunch of shootings in Manchester every weekend.

Next time someone uses England as an example for gun control, remind them of the Kanye West concert. Maybe this happened because Kanye West hates English people.


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2 Responses to “This Should Not Have Happened”

  1. Debbie says:

    I agree completely. Trying to keep weapons from innocent citizens is wrong. I plan to protect myself, it’s my right as an American citizen. Lock and load folks.

  2. Random Yak says:

    Blog Olympics: The Link Party Challenge…