This Partly Explains Kennedy’s Lack of Brain Function

Senator Ted Kennedy, a man who has been in the Senate for 45 years, just underwent surgery to open a blocked carotid artery, a blood vessel that provides oxygenated blood to the brain. Kennedy’s blocked artery was discovered when he received an MRI that he gets every once in a while to follow a back injury he suffered in a plane crash years ago. Most people with a back injury get one, maybe two MRIs and get treated. When you have a great health care plan you can have them as part of a routine follow up, but that is a story for another time.

Tests showed that Kennedy’s carotid was 70% blocked which really explains quite a bit. Kennedy is usually incoherent and babbles about a lot of things. It is just a given that since he is a liberal he would babble on but now it appears that his brain only received 30% of the amount of oxygenated blood that it should have (at least the quantity provided by one carotid) so this might explain why he sounds retarded. The problem is, many in the Democratic Party look up to this guy so wither they have blocked carotids or they are just brainless.

Ann Coulter’s new book is If Democrats had any Brains they’d be Republicans so it might have been a waste of money to do the surgery since he does not have, according to her, any brains that would need oxygen. In any event, I would think that a reduced blood flow to his brain would be OK since he killed off most of his brain cells with all the booze. Matter of fact, they ought to be careful letting all that hi octane ethanol enhanced blood flow back into his cranial cavity because that much booze at once might make him a vegetable, though who would really know.

Ted should use this as a wake up call and retire. It will do him a world of good and it will do the country a world of good.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “This Partly Explains Kennedy’s Lack of Brain Function”

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  2. Virginia says:

    I think he was born that way, the blockage just made it worse. I have always wondered about what his brother said “ask what you can do for your country”. Guess he thought it meant , screw it up as much as you can. When I hear the name Kennedy, makes me as sick as the name Clinton.