This Is What You Get With Government Care

The federal government wants to take over health care administration in this country and effectively drive private insurance companies out of business. The plan that is being batted around Congress is a monstrocity that members of Congress want no parts of with regard to administration of their health. They want it for the rest of us.

If the government takes over health care administration then care WILL be rationed in order to save money. The almighty dollar will take precedence over the health of people, particularly the elderly who will be required to receive counseling on end of life options. The government wants to save money on health care and Social Security by putting the elderly in hospice.

Look at what is happening in the United kingdom. The National Health Service wants to reduce the number of corticosteroid injections (for back pain) that people receive from about 60,000 per year to around 3000. This means that people with back pain that is not alleviated by other means (or requires extensive surgery) will be denied the injections that take their pain away. The government is doing this to save money. It is reported that £33 million ($55 million) will be saved by denying the care.

The NHS currently issues more than 60,000 treatments of steroid injections every year. NICE said in its guidance it wants to cut this to just 3,000 treatments a year, a move which would save the NHS £33 million. Telegraph UK

The move would save the NHS money. This is the motivation in a government run system and this is what our government will do if it takes control of health care.

We do not need to completely overhaul our system and turn it into the same things that have been tried and have failed in the UK, Canada, and other countries around the world. Yes, we need some tweaking to our system but we do not need the government in control of our lives. The government already controls the elderly by holding them hostage to Social Security, we do not need to all be held hostage under the health care system they want to impose.

During this recess call your Representatives and Senators and tell them that you oppose this and that they risk losing their jobs if they vote for it.

Let’s kill this bill and then replace all of these morons.

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “This Is What You Get With Government Care”

  1. billy Joe says:

    Should the US gov’t abolish the VA & Medicare also?

    I think you don’t understand what many people are proposing and you are ignoring the fact that for-profit insurance companies deny care constantly.

    Assuming Congress doesn’t cripple the public option like they crippled Medicare Part D (by preventing the gov’t from negotiating drug prices), it’ll just be another option for people to choose from. If they want to keep their junk for-profit insurance, they’ll be welcome to.

    Can you explain how our system is superior to others if we pay up to 2x as much as other industrial countries (who manage to cover most, if not all of their citizens) but we have 10,000,000’s who have no coverage whatsoever?

    • Big Dog says:

      We have about 12 million people who actually cannot afford health insurance. The bulk of the rest are people who choose not to pay for it even though it is offered and they can afford it. Many are illegals who are not entitled to the care.

      We have the best health care delivery in the world. We have the latest and greatest machines, tests, training and people providing care. The administration has some problems and needs to be reworked and I have already provided many areas that would improve delivery and lower costs. Insurance companies do sometimes limit or deny care but not at a rate that social medicine countries do. We pay more for better care and up to date services. We pay more to cover lawsuits. We pay more because of defensive medicine. We pay more because insurance companies are required to include numerous items that are not needed and often not used by some. I have addressed this before.

      We have some problems that can be corrected without a complete overhaul. If Obama really cared why did he vote against health care reform when he was a Senator? I wrote about this as well.

      The VA is not a socialized program. Under Socialism people get things that they do not pay for. Our men and women of the Armed Forces paid for their care with their service. People pay money into medicare each time they get a paycheck though many who receive it never paid a dime. It is poorly run, costs a lot of money and is burdened with administrative costs. Cut the fraud there and you save a lot of money.

      It makes no difference if a country covers all its citizens and then does not provide the care.

      But tell me, where is a guarantee to free health care in the Constitution? People all have access to health care but they have to pay for it.

    • Blake says:

      Billy Joe- show me where there is a RIGHT enumerated in the Constitution for health insurance. There is NONE.
      While the system needs some fixes, it doesn’t need, nor do we deserve this FUBAR of a bill. This bill is about controlling the power structure of the US. and making its citizenry slaves to the power structure.
      This bill and Cap and Tax are two of the pillars these Socialists will use to keep us in place. If you cannot see this, you have been brainwashed- and if you see and do not care about the fate of our Republic, then damn your soul.

      • billy Joe says:

        When did conservatives start being such staunch Constitutional defenders? Oh yeah, after bush left office.

        There are a lot of things that aren’t explicity guaranteed under the constitution. That’s why we have courts & judges.

        I’d highly recommend you learn how Universal Health Care systems work elsewhere. Americans pay substantially more for healthcare than any other country on earth and yet the countries with ‘socialized’ medicine are healthier & live longer than Americans. by definition their systems are more effective than our own.

        Unless, of course, you want to argue that paying more for less is actually a good thing. Please feel free to do so.

        • Big Dog says:

          We pay more for the best care. The other countries where this is in place allow people to die instead of treating them. People wait for months to get treated.

          I had a patient recently who was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine on a Friday. He had a consult on the next Tuesday and had surgey the next Friday. Within a week of diagnosis he was operated on.

          I have had many patients who needed something and it was done the next day.

          We have better survival rates and our emergency care is the best int he world.

          We have courts and judges to make sure laws are in compliance with the Constitution. There is no Constitutional right to health insurance. But let’s suppose there is a right (for the sake of argument). Where does it say I should be required to pay for it? Just because you have a right to something does not mean you are provided the tools to exercise that right. If someone else has to provide it for you then it is not a right.

          Everyone has access to health care. They might have to pay for it but no one will be denied needed care. I have written quite a bit about how to improve the health care system. Overhauling the enitire system is not the way to go.

        • Blake says:

          You do not pay more for less- you really, really do need to actually KNOW what you are talking about. think a class in economics 101 would be in order, or maybe propaganda 101, so you can stick to the bullet points a little better. Really.
          We pay more, but our wait is relatively short, which is a good thing, as pain is not something you want more of.

  2. Barbara says:

    billy Joe, from what you said above, apparently you have not read the bill. I have read the highlights of the bill. If you read it I think you will change your mind. In this bill the government will have access to you bank accounts and the freedom to take money out of them. PLEASE READ THE BILL. Obama has not read the bill and has not told the truth about it. According to the bill senior will be denied care. Is this right? How would you feel if your parents or disabled child was refused treatment? READ THE BILL before you say it is good.

  3. Blake says:

    If the provision that the govt. can take my money out of my account becomes law, then I will close my account and choose to be paid in cash only.
    This bill is a monstrosity that needs to die a quick and FINAL death.
    While our system needs some tweaking, it doesn’t need THIS.

  4. Nicole says:

    Yes this bill needs to die, but only because it is not what universal healthcare should look like. No taking money out of bank accounts. Everyone from Hillbilly Bob to Ted Kennedy should have the same excellent level of coverage that the Senate, Congress, & Executive branch currently enjoys. No less. And then we must get rid of welfare and food stamps. Illegals do not receive benefits of any kind except the address of the nearest immigration office to apply for citizenship.