This Is What We Are Ultimately Fighting

The idea that Islam is the religion of peace is a favorite saying of the left. The fact is they are only half right. Islam is a peaceful religion if you are Islamic and toe the line of the rules of Islam. If you happen to be a person who is not Islamic then there is no peace toward you. They are brutal to followers of Islam who break a rule or stray and they hate anyone who is not of the religion of Islam. This is just a plain simple fact and the idea that they do not want to take over the world is stupid, to put i kindly. In the most recent audio tape from Osama bin Laden, this information was discussed with regard to Somalia:

He also called on all Somalis to support the Islamic Courts, which he said were building an Islamic state in the Horn of Africa.

“You have no other means for salvation unless you commit to Islam, put your hands in the hands of the Islamic Courts to build an Islamic state in Somalia,” he said.

The Islamic Courts group took over most of Somalia in June.

You have no means of salvation unless you follow the religion of the people who took over most of your country. This is a veiled threat to the Somali people. Now I have no love lost for the people of Somalia after the Blackhawk down incident and if I had my way, and we did not have a cowardly President, we would have leveled the place. If we had, OBL would bot have been emboldened to attack us. The left, with all its talk of cut and run, does not seem to grasp that the last time we cut and ran (under Bill Clinton), OBL saw the light and decided to attack. Our perceived weakness made us vulnerable. If we cut and run, they will attack with greater frequency in an attempt to make the US another country where, like Somalia, they can demand conversion to Islam.

Fortunately, the US has 86 million gun owners who have no intention of letting a bunch of religious fanatics take over our country. And since the citizens are not under the control of politicians with regard to use of force in an emergency, as compared to the military, we will be free to kill whatever threat is posed to our country. Those of you who do not believe in Second Amendment rights, stay inside because it will get ugly.

Source: Access North GA

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2 Responses to “This Is What We Are Ultimately Fighting”

  1. Robert says:

    Armed and waiting for orders there BD.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Hey Bushwack,
    You start in the West, I\’ll start in the East and we can meet in Missouri!