This Is What Happens When We Play The Democrat’s Way

A man was shot and killed at an airport yesterday after he told people he had a bomb in his backpack. He ignored an Air Marshal’s demand to stop and when he reached in his bag he was shot and killed. This appears to be a tragic occurrence because no bomb was found and the man, according to his wife, had a mental illness and had not taken his medication. In the heat of the battle how is an Air Marshal supposed to figure out if the lady was telling the truth or if she was part of a sinister plan. The Air Marshal did the right thing and took out a man who claimed to be up to no good. These are the things that happen when people communicate threats.

This story has another twist. In New York, an Egyptian man was stopped at an airport because his shoes tested positive several times for explosives. For some strange reason, he was released rather than questioned, and the FBI notified of the incident. The FBI began investigating and this story was known to law enforcement agencies when the Miami shooting incident unfolded. The first guy was being sought and a second guy claims to have a bomb. How is the Marshal supposed to figure out if they are one in the same?

As of this writing, the first man has been located and was in Iowa. He is not considered to be connected nor is he considered a threat. If they had taken the time to figure this out in the first place, perhaps the situation in Miami would have been less tense. I find no fault with what the Marshal did and hope this sends a message to people who think we are not willing to use force to protect our citizens from communicated threats.

The man with the hot shoes was released before his status was confirmed. This is probably because no one wanted to offend him or have the left complain about detaining an innocent person. It might not have made a difference in Miami but it would have allowed the Marshals to know they were dealing with a different man.

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