This Is The Model For Obamacare

Barack Obama and his Democrats lied, cheated and stole to get the health care takeover bill passed and signed into law. There were bribes to members of Congress which means that taxpayer money was used to bribe members of Congress to vote for something that a majority of Americans opposed. There were the lies about federal funding of abortion. Bart Stupak abandoned his principles and voted for the bill because Obama assured him federal funds would not be used for abortion. Obama even signed an Executive Order. That order has been promptly ignored as two states, Pennsylvania and Maryland, have already established the high risk pools required under Obamacare and those pools will pay for abortions with federal money. To make it clear, those states will pay for elective abortions. This is specifically what the EO was supposed to prevent. As an aside, New Mexico had the abortion option in place but it has been removed because of the fuss over the issue.

The Democrats, despite the folly of their health care plan, promise us it will be cost effective and will not result in rationed care. They promised us we would be able to keep our doctors and that we would have choices. They wanted us to look at the model of health care, the NHS in Britain. Obama’s head health care guy has praised this system. And what has this wonderful system done?

It has taken steps to begin rationing care. Even the most basic and routine services including hip replacements will be rationed. Terminally ill patients will have to fend for themselves should they have problems on nights and weekends. Like Obama said, just send granny home with pain pills.

Suck it up granny!

Here are a few items being reported about the NHS (the dream of the Obama regime):

  • Restrictions on some of the most basic and common operations, including hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery and orthodontic procedures.
  • Plans to cut hundreds of thousands of pounds from budgets for the terminally ill, with dying cancer patients to be told to manage their own symptoms if their condition worsens at evenings or weekends.
  • The closure of nursing homes for the elderly.
  • A reduction in acute hospital beds, including those for the mentally ill, with targets to discourage GPs from sending patients to hospitals and reduce the number of people using accident and emergency departments.
  • Tighter rationing of NHS funding for IVF treatment, and for surgery for obesity.
  • Thousands of job losses at NHS hospitals, including 500 staff to go at a trust where cancer patients recently suffered delays in diagnosis and treatment because of staff shortages.
  • Cost-cutting programmes in paediatric and maternity services, care of the elderly and services that provide respite breaks to long-term carers.

Telegraph UK

Ironically, the cuts were found in obscure appendices of policy and strategy documents. It is ironic because there are tons of things hidden in the US health care takeover law. Hell, a lot of it does not even deal with health care as the bill addresses reporting the purchase or sale of silver and gold. That is not an isolated thing.

Yes, the Obamacare model in England is falling apart but Obama and his sock puppets are working feverishly to impose these things on us because they want to take control of our lives. It is not about health and it is not about care, it is about control. They want to control us and taking over the health care system is one thing that must be done to control us. They also need to take over the financial sector (which they have just done) and they need to take over the news media which they are working on.

Once the Socialists have taken over these things they will clamp down on us and our lives. They will tell us what to eat, how much to weigh, what we may abuse (alcohol, tobacco etc) and how much, and they will tell us whether or not we can get certain things done.

And millions more will become dependent on government thereby increasing the dependent class from the social welfare recipients to the social medicine recipients. Better be good little peons or Obama will not let your momma get a new hip…

They might think they are in charge but they should remember John Q.

My family will never do without proper health care because of rationing as long as I can be there. Should any member of my family die or suffer harm because of denial of care (of course in my absence) then the world will lose the health care provider who decided not to render treatment . Any bureaucrat involved in the decision will likely never make such a decision again. Obamacare will ration care to the detriment of those involved including those who voted for him. People will not tolerate this.

Obama once said he was the only one standing between the bankers and the people with pitchforks. Once his health care takeover begins I doubt there will be anyone to stand between Obama and the people with pitchforks.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “This Is The Model For Obamacare”

  1. victoria says:

    Should you want to verify this, go to, enter “HR 3590” in the search box and look for “CRS Summaries.” This is what you’ll find.

    Title IX Revenue Provisions—Subtitle A: Revenue Offset “(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage
    That is excludable from the employee’s gross income (excluding the value of Contributions to flexible spending arrangements).”

    Starting in 2011—next year—the W-2 tax form sent by your employer will be increased to show the value of whatever health insurance you are provided. It doesn’t matter if you’re retired. Your gross income WILL go up by the amount of insurance your employer paid for. So you’ll be required to pay taxes on a larger sum of money than you actually received. Take the tax form you just finished for 2009 and see what $15,000.00 or $20,000.00 additional gross income does to your tax debt. That’s what you’ll pay next year. For many, it puts you into a much higher bracket. This is how the government is going to buy insurance for fifteen (15) percent that don’t have insurance and it’s only part of the tax increases, but it’s not really a “tax increase” as such, it a redefinition of your taxable income.

    Also, go to Kiplinger’s and read about the thirteen (13) tax changes for 2010 that could affect you.

  2. Blake says:

    Ahhh- The NHS, Donnie Berwick’s dream child- he probably thinks about it while sitting in a corner, pleasuring himself in some progressive way-
    Granny gon’ die- hope Hussein’s grannie auntie doesn’t get cut a break- if we gotta, she’s gotta.
    Oh, and ALL the members of Congress, remember that obamarama said we the people would have the same level of healthcare you have- does that mean we get to drag you down to OUR level of hell, or are you “priveleged elites”?