This Guy Has A Problem

Errol Louis wrote a piece about the problems in New Orleans. Here is another person blaming everyone in the world for these problems stating that they took root back during the days of slavery and have not let go since. This guy goes so far as to excuse the behavior of looters and other criminals as expected under these circumstances. He then blames Bush and about every other politician of appointed official involved.

Here is a news flash Louis. When people like you and the so-called leaders of the black community stop making excuses for criminal behavior and start holding people accountable for their actions, then maybe you can actually see progress. By excusing behavior and playing the blame game you do a disservice to the black community and to Americans in general. Your assertions that corruption and poverty are the evils that ruin the city lack credence when you excuse illegal behavior committed by the looters. You can not expect one crime to be addressed but in the same breath excuse other crimes. It just does not wash.

Do your self and the people of New Orleans a favor. Stop embracing the victim mentality and stop blaming everyone else for your failures. Stop making excuses for bad behavior and poor performance. Stop blaming the Federal Government for failure on the part of the State Government. If you will actually demand that the people involved in the looting take responsibility for what they are doing and you call it what it is, crime, you will make a lot more head way.

I am tired of the race game. Everything does not boil down to race and mistreatment of blacks. I see human suffering in that part of our country. In case Louis and others do not know it, suffering comes in all colors. Perhaps if they tried being color blond in this mess they might actually get something done.

Here is a link to the worthless article.

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