This Father Will Not Be Praised By The Left

The Marine who appeared in Michael Moore’s F9/11 film has been killed in action. Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar, who appeared in the film but did not know it was an anti-war film, was mortally wounded in a roadside bombing. The man the left will never praise is his father who said:

“I’m devastated, sad and proud,” Plouhar said of his only son. “This just makes me devoted even more to his belief that people need help in Iraq, and he felt that he was helping.”

He said his son was teased a lot as a young kid and protected people as he grew up.

“He liked to protect the underdog,” the father said. “All of his buddies from school called saying, `He was my friend when nobody else would be.'”

The left could never hold this man in high regard because he is proud of his son’s service. He believes in what his son believed in and he knows his son was doing what he wanted to do and what he thought was right. This man is the total opposite of Cindy Sheehan and that is why you will never hear about him. If he called the President names and accused him of killing the boy the left would make him a poster child like they have done for Momma Moonbat.

God bless this Marine’s family and God bless his soul.

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