This Explains Liberalism

Today’s older liberals are the hippies from the 1960s. These people are the ones who protested the war in Vietnam, had love ins and smoked dope while adding little to the value of society. Attired in their tie dyed jeans and driving their VW Beetles, they caused social discord** everywhere they were. Those people had to eventually grow up (or older at least) and they had to get jobs to pay their way through life (those who did not live on welfare). They infested academia and became professors so that they could fill the mush brained youth entrusted to them with liberal pablum. They ran for office so that they could force their social policies and failed liberal ideology upon us.

Those malcontents of the 60s are today’s aging liberals and they have raised a whole generation of younger liberals that wander aimlessly through life. The Democratic Party use to have liberals that were pretty moderate in their thinking and recognized some of the good things about conservatism and some even took conservative stances. JFK had a few disasters in his presidency and made a few huge mistakes (that would haunt us while those hippies were protesting Vietnam) but he recognized the value of tax cuts. So he made one correct choice (he should have driven with the top up as well).

A study just released shows that smoking just one marijuana cigarette can increase a person’s risk for schizophrenia by more than 40 per cent. This study goes a long way in explaining the mental illness known as liberalism. The lifestyle of the hippies is coming back to haunt them and has produced a segment of society that embraces liberalism because of mental illness. The older liberals are addicted to the legal drug, ethyl alcohol. Guys like Ted Kennedy had his brain fried long before the 60s and he continues to fry the few remaining brain cells using the same drug. The study indicates:

‘We believe there is now enough evidence to inform people that using cannabis could increase their risk of developing a psychotic illness later in life.’ Daily Mail UK

One only needs to look at a university to see this is true. People like Ward Churchill are the leftovers from the hippie days and they are mentally ill. Many of these same people probably still smoke dope and thus their illness is more pronounced. Of course, I realize that there are conservatives who smoked dope in the past. That explains the term RINO. They profess to be conservatives but they are really liberals masquerading as conservatives. Think of the people in politics who have very liberal positions and they were probably dope smokers because they suffer from mental illness.

Michael Savage wrote a book entitled “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and this study shows why his title is correct..

The only drawback is they might claim a disability in mass and bankrupt the country. Of course, their policies are doing that anyway.

Big Dog

**Changed to correct word from “discourse”/ Thanks to Anonymous commenter.

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29 Responses to “This Explains Liberalism”

  1. Tim Bivans says:

    This is moronic. George Bush somehow made it to become president and you know damn well he did more than smoke one joint. Along with cocaine and alcohol. Bill Clinton also smoked pot.

    This all just harkens back to the movie Reefer Madness. Next you’ll be telling me that cannabis makes black men go crazy and rape white women. Go educate yourself.

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  3. Well, I imagine you could get a pretty good debate going on this stuff. Interesting, in any case.

    It’s better off if people don’t do drugs, irrespective of party affiliation.

    Visiting via Woman Honor Thyself!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Big Dog says:

    Now Tim,
    I am not sure if you are saying that dope causes mental illness is moronic or that the post is moronic. I don’t know for sure what George Bush did though I have heard everyone but him say so.

    If he smoked dope it would fit right in with what I wrote in that he backed amnesty while pandering to ILLEGALS, he vetoes very few bills and spends like a drunken sailer, and he just went over to the global warming bandwagon. I suppose he is more conservative than liberal but the dope must have given him a slight mental illness.

    If you are refuting the study (as I assume by your blacks rape whites faux analogy) I say that your experiments in the basement of mom’s house is not as scientific as the researchers. And, they said 40% increase in chance which means that not everyone will.

    I know dope smokers become offensive when their drug is attacked but try to stay on target.

  5. rob says:

    lol…This is by far the funniest post I have read in a very long time. I hope you know that the statement “A study just released shows that smoking just one marijuana cigarette can increase a person’s risk for schizophrenia by more than 40 per cent” is certainly a falsehood. If this were true then over 65% of Americans would be at this 40% risk and that is simply not the case. Also you say, “Of course, I realize that there are conservatives who smoked dope in the past” as if there are no conservitives who still smoke pot. This is laughable as well. Long ago before I became a more productive member of society I had clients who purchased a few less that legal items from me and I can say for sure many were conservitve. You should read a few more non-fiction books.

  6. Big Dog says:

    I hope you saw that this is filed under Featured and Satire. I did not write the study and how can you say that these people are not at risk? They might be and it never manifests.

    It is like saying that using cocaine just once increases your risk for a heart attack. It does but many people do not have the heart attack.

    It is just an increased risk like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

  7. rob says:

    Okay I can agree with that. But in the same article it says “‘Although individual lifetime risk of chronic psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, even in people who use cannabis regularly, is likely to be low – less than three per cent – cannabis use can be expected to have a substantial effect on psychotic disorders at a population level because exposure to this drug is so common.'” This practicly negates the previous statement.

    I say if pot is to remain illegal than they should do the same with alcohol. Alcohol kills about 58,000 times more people every year and yet it’s looked upon as less harmfull than pot. Either decriminalize it or make the same laws for alcahol.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Well I am not in disagreement with making marijuana legal. I don’t really care one way or the other but if we make it legal we can tax the hell out of it.

    Now, we know that a lot of people die from alcohol (it is more than 58k) but people who die from pot use are not as readily reported because death is usually secondary to the use. Many autopsies will read cause of death liver failure secondary to alcohol abuse but many deaths from pot related use are not reported that way (unless they die in a car wreck and an autopsy is done).

    All the report is saying with the line you quoted is that even though use increases risk the risk is still generally low but since the drug is widely used we will see more mental illness in that population than the general population.

    How do we know that many of the past cases of mental illness were not related to use?

  9. rob says:

    We don’t. So I will just say I agree with you on the issue (except the taxation :))

  10. Big Dog says:

    They tax the hell out of booze (which I do not use either) so why not pot.

  11. Perri Nelson says:

    Comparing alcohol and marijuana is like comparing apples and oranges.

    I would argue that the primary reason to keep marijuana illegal would be that there is a profound difference between the way the two products are or can be consumed.

    People who smoke marijuana by and large do so to get high. Sure, there ARE those people that smoke it for “medicinal purposes”, but they are in the vast minority.

    People who consume alcohol on the other hand are not necessarily motivated by the urge to get high. I happen to enjoy the occasional glass of scotch or pint of beer. By occasional, I mean exactly that, on rare occasions I will drink 1 glass of scotch, or one pint of beer.

    I do this because I enjoy it, and have no fear that that small amount of alcohol will drive me into a drunken stupor. At my weight it would take several beers or a couple of glasses of scotch to even begin to get me high.

    Rob would return us to the days of prohibition simply because he equates marijuana use with alcohol use. Either that or he would legalize a drug that is known to increase the risk of mental health issues and that is known to be consumed primarily for its intoxicating effects out of some misplaced moral equivalence.

    The majority of marijuana users are being irresponsible, and deliberately violating the law. It’s not much of a step from there to violate further laws such as driving under the influence.

    On the other hand, the majority of alcohol users are not violating any laws when they drink. A goodly number of them are able to drink responsibly. While it’s true that there are quite a few people who are incapable of handling alcohol responsibly, the majority can.

    Prohibition was a failure. That’s ultimately why the 18th amendment was repealed.

  12. Common Sense says:

    If marijuana increases your risk of schizophrenia by 40%, and 42.9% of people in the U.S. have used marijuana at some point in their lives (when surveyed in 2003), shouldn’t at least ~17% of Americans be schizophrenic?

  13. Big Dog says:

    I don’t think the two equivocate. I just think if the law is going to ignore the small time pot users and if people are using it then they can make it legal and tax the hell out of it. I don’t care one way or another because I do not use it but we could tax the druggies so much it would pay for their mental health treatment and reduce the national debt.

    Might as well make the druggies pay. One problem though, THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) remains in the body for a while, especially with repeated use. The THC is present even though the buzz is gone. If something happens (like a surgeon making a mistake or a school bus accident) how do you know if the person was high or not because his body will have THC in it?

  14. Big Dog says:

    No Common Sense. It increases the risk but increasing a risk does not mean that percent of people will manifest problems. It just means that these folks have a greater chance of it than those who do not use it (a 40% greater chance) and we don’t know, many of the folks who have mental illness might be associated with drug use…

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  16. Anonymous says:

    “Attired in their tye-died jeans and driving VW beetles, they caused social discourse everywhere they were.”

    That should say “discord”, not “discourse.” Of course, liberal discourse inevitably leads to discord anyway.

  17. Common Sense says:

    Oh, so the already minute chance of getting schizophrenia is increased by an even smaller amount, and that 40% is just an excuse to use a big number and scare our children? I see…

    Did they even consider that maybe people who are prone to developing schizophrenia, who usually have at least minor mental health issues beforehand, are more likely to turn to mind-altering substances in the first place?

    Oh and also, the difference between detectable THC levels and the THC levels of a high person are incredibly different. They’d be able to know if the person was high during the operation/accident because the THC levels would be magnitudes higher then what’s just detectable. Shouldn’t surgeons/school bus drivers have enough common sense to not get high before they undertake their large responsibilites though?

  18. Big Dog says:

    Since THC is fat soluble it can build up over time with chronic use and the levels can be quite elevated even after the buzz is gone. The level of THC in a high person is not magnitudes higher.

    The difference between drunk and not drunk is .001 in my state. .80 drunk .079 not drunk (but maybe impaired if they want to screw you).

    One would think they would have the sense but common sense is not that common and members of any profession can abuse drugs.

  19. […] This Explains Liberalism Today’s older liberals are the hippies from the 1960s. These people are the ones who protested the war in Vietnam, had love ins and smoked dope while adding little to the value of society. Attired in their tie dyed jeans and driving their VW Beetles, they caused social discord** everywhere they were. Those people had to eventually grow up (or older at least) and they had to get jobs to pay their way through life (those who did not live on welfare). They infested academia and became professors so that they could fill the mush brained youth entrusted to them with liberal pablum. They ran for office so that they could force their social policies and failed liberal ideology upon us. […]

  20. Robert says:

    Oh crap… I might be in big trouble, I have indulged in my past, and didn’t stop with herb.
    I was young once and made a few bad choices, I have been able to use these experiences to enlighten the younger generation within my sphere of influence.

    The difference is, I GREW UP! the Liberal Pot smoking tree hugging low life has not, nor have they become a productive member of society, on the contrary, the majority are continuing on the destructive path they started when they inhaled.
    You say “I am not doing anything destructive” If you vote Dem, YOU ARE.

  21. Big Dog says:

    Hey Robert,
    Do you hear voices???

  22. thx 1138 says:


  23. Jason says:

    Wait…Big Dog. Are you sure that you are not confusing people who use marijuana and people who use harder drugs and also happen to use marijuana? There is a multitude of people who use marijuana and the marijuana smoking community is extremely diverse. There are millions of fully functioning members of society that smoke marijuana.

    It is just another way to obtain a high. You can also obtain highs from eating chocolate, drinking a Coke, working out, and having sex. Consuming marijuana is just another way to obtain a perfectly safe and natural high. Rush Limbaugh was found with an addiction to oxycodine. He is a champion conservative, is he not? People have died from a direct result of taking too much oxycodine. No one has ever died as a direct result of smoking. You can die from a direct result of drinking. There have also been recent studies that prove that driving under the influence of marijuana makes you no more erratic behind the wheel, but occasionally safer because you are worried about being found out and arrested. Marijuana is neither habit forming nor unhealthy for you if used correctly. Look again and you will find that every time there is a study that says there is a negative side-effect from marijuana, there will be another study that says that study’s findings were false.

    In response to Perri’s comment, you said you drink because you enjoy it. That is alcohol’s reaction with the body at work. Drinking is a high. People drink in social situations to liven up a party or enjoy it more. That is allowed, is it not? Well, consuming marijuana could be used for the same purposes, sans the trip to the emergency room when the drunkard drinks too much and gets blood alcohol poisoning. Now, Perri, I do agree with you about one thing; prohibition didn’t work. It was a failure. Why do you think so many people still can smoke, that there has been no real decrease in the number of smokers since it became illegal in 1937? (Oh, the American Medical Association vehemently protested the choice to outlaw marijuana, by the way.)

    It’s not like comparing apples and oranges, it’s like comparing garden snakes to cobras.

    And I sit here and laugh because some very ignorant people who can make fun of pot-smoking liberals and how they are dumb and a nuisance to society cannot form an eloquent and well worded sentence, free of grammatical errors. Go back to school, you f**king conservative.

  24. Big Dog says:

    Perhaps you were too stoned to see this was posted under the category of SATIRE??

    Not to mention that what you said about marijuana is not founded in science. Any drug that alters the mind can be dangerous. There have been many deaths directly related to the use of that drug in people who engage in behaviors that are dangerous because they are less inhibited. Like alcohol, marijuana alters perception and clouds judgment.

    People are criticized for grammar when they come on here and call me stupid and do so in a completely ignorant way by using language and sentence structure that shows they are not very bright.

    BTW, morphine and opium were legal and one could but them and syringes (or a pipe) to deliver them. They were outlawed as well.

    Your Rush Limbaugh comparison is not germane since he became addicted to a legal drug. Marijuana is ILLEGAL and using it is a violation of the law. People become addicted to their pain medication a lot in this country. I am not excusing his addiction, just giving him the same consideration that other famous people from all political bents deserve when they demonstrate they have an addition to a drug. I’ll bet you are the same kind of person who will scream that George Bush is doing ILLEGAL things the whole time you are doing ILLEGAL things…

    Jason, do what you want, smoke what you want, laugh all you want, but don’t show up here and spew unfounded claims and then accuse me of being stupid. For a dope smoker, you are not very mellow.

    BTW again, I am not confusing anyone. I did not perform the study, I just wrote about it. Send your hate mail to the scientists who did the work. I am sure they would appreciate hearing from such a learned colleague.

  25. Okin says:

    haha… god…

    Being liberal, is a very very good thing, when done right…

    it’s so silly how some people are so scared of that idea…

    America must be a lost cause… Maybe I’ll just move to Canada, or the Netherlands…

  26. Flynn says:

    oh my god, reading this crazy one sided idiot is unbearable.

    you can tell by his tone that he is die hard conservative and a complete stuck up ass.

    Marijuana is almost infinitly less harmful than all these cigarettes out today, and these alcoholic drinks…..the only reason its deemed bad is because it gets you high.

    Have you even looked at the nutritional value of hemp seed oil? It has everything the body needs to sustain a remarkably healthy life in the perfect ratio…..and yet it is illegal…..

    Learn more please -.-

  27. Big Dog says:

    This crazy, one sided stuck up idiot only reported what scientists have concluded. Perhaps you were too high to notice?

    Why is it that when Gore says the world is melting it is accepted as fact and when scientists report on the harmful effects of marijuana people like you dismiss it?