This Doesn’t Sound Like A Democrat

Every time we hear some story about a person being searched getting on the subway or metro trains we are reminded that it is a violation of their rights. The ACLU likes to jump in and file lawsuits so that they can get attention and lots of taxpayer money. When these things happen we hear the stories comparing President Bush to Hitler and we hear how everyone’s rights are being abused. Of course the ACLU is involved when teen aged girls want abortions without parental notification, a right the State CAN impose. We are constantly bombarded with suggestions by the left that a woman’s right to choose and the freedom of blacks is at stake with Bush’s Supreme Court appointments. Democrats are not like that. They want live and let live. Peace, love, and serenity will prevail as the moonbats flash the peace sign and sing Kumbaya.

That is of course unless you live in Boston. The Democratic Mayor has decided that he will use stromtrooper tactics to rid stores of “Stop Snitching” T- Shirts. This short story from WBAL:

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino says T-shirts that say “Stop Snitching” make his city unsafe, so he wants them removed from Boston stores.

A spokesman for the mayor says the T-shirts encourage people not to cooperate with law enforcement and even go so far as to promote the obstruction of justice.

Menino has said he’ll have city employees seize the shirts or “strongly discourage” their sales. Boston has seen a rise in murders and other violent crimes. Police have not been able to identify a suspect in 70 percent of homicide cases, noting many witnesses are reluctant to help because of fear of retaliation.

The owner of a clothing store that sells the T-shirts says the real problem is the availability of guns. The owner of Antonio Ansaldi Clothing says his shirts don’t kill people.

The American Civil Liberties Union has warned that seizing the shirts would violate the First Amendment right to free speech.

Several things to address. The Mayor will have the shirts seized by city employees. I don’t know about anyone else but if a city employee came into a store I owned and tried to take my stuff I would shoot him. Boston has a rise in murders and violent crimes (not counting Ted Kennedy’s murder). How can that be with a Democrat for a Mayor and two of the most liberal Senators in the world? Perhaps it is all the gun control and appeasement of criminals. The owner of the store says the availability of guns is the problem and that his shirts don’t kill people. Well someone should tell that jackass that guns don’t kill people. It is people with guns, probably wearing his shirts, that kill people. Put them in jail and keep them there. Execute murderers and they will not kill again. Imagine this, the ACLU is involved. I agree with this one though.

What is the real problem? Like Hillary Clinton, this Jackass Mayor thinks the government or the village is responsible for raising children. It is the parents who allow their children to wear these things who are at fault. The parents should not allow their children to wear this garbage but that does not mean the stores can not sell them. And anyone who thinks that these shirts are keeping people from coming forward is kidding himself. The reason people do not come forward is that they are being threatened by the criminals that the judicial system did not put behind bars. The shirts don’t kill people and they don’t intimidate people either.

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