This Debate Would Be Classic, If Anyone Understood It

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has called for a televised debate with President Bush. The debate would be about nation’s rights and the Iranian nuclear program:

“Isn’t it time that international relations are founded on democracy and equal rights of the nations?”

“I suggest holding a live TV debate with Mr. George W. Bush to talk about world affairs and the ways to solve those issues,” he said.

“The debate should be go uncensored in order for the American people to be able to listen to what we say and they should not restrict the American people from hearing the truth.”

Imagine this debate for a moment. It would be priceless because neither of the participants have a good grasp of the English language. But, to address Ahmadinejad, let us start with this. If it is time to have international relations founded on democracy and equal rights of nations, does this include Israel? If not, no debate. Perhaps Ahmadinejad could start by allowing democracy and equal right for his citizens before he tackles the international scene.

We can solve many of the worlds problems but it would not include the use of TV and Iran, it would involve eliminating the threat posed by Iran. As for the last part, the American people are able to listen to everything and are not restricted. This is the free country, in case you have forgotten. I assume the comment was meant to indicate that the MSM here only presents views from a slanted view and if so it might be a valid point. If the suggestion is that Americans do not have freedom to listen to he news then Ahmadinejad is sadly mistaken. I also notice you do not ask that the debate be broad casted to Iran. Is this to prevent your people from seeing how dangerous you are and how your policies might well land them in a war?


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One Response to “This Debate Would Be Classic, If Anyone Understood It”

  1. Robert says:

    I remember Sadman in Iraq pulling out the debate card too, look where that got him.