Thirty-two Years of Lies About Energy

I have discussed before how politicians (from both parties) have been saying for decades that we need energy independence. Before environmental moonbattery became vogue many of our politicians said we needed to drill for our own oil and after the wackos came to power that changed to use our own natural gas instead.

Starting with Jimmy Carter and his vow that we would not use one drop more of foreign oil then we were at that time (when oil was under $30 a barrel) and ending with $140 oil today we have not drilled for our own and we have not become energy independent. We use more foreign oil while we sit on top of untold reserves that would truly make us energy independent. They always say it will take time but time has passed us by and they still have not accomplished a thing. Here is the link to a video that has a montage of clips from Carter to Bush and everyone in between. The video features them all telling the same lie over and over. Keep that in mind when you hear the candidates tell you about energy independence.


Our country should be embarrassed that the French have more nuclear power than we do.

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