Things that Make You Wonder

I wonder what Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Muhammad Ali Jafari meant when he said that the cancerous Israel would vanish soon “by means of the Hizbullah fighters’ radiation [therapy].” If Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, what could he have meant by “radiation therapy?”

I wonder why, at the US-Islamic forum, Muslims embraced Barack Obama: Many Muslim delegates said they hoped to see Obama win the Democratic nomination and go on to be elected next November to succeed US President George W. Bush. I wonder if it is because Obama worshiped as a Muslim with his father (a child of Islam takes the religion of his father) and that we have never seen that he “changed” religions. If he did, why has there been no call for his death as is the law when one changes from Islam? What change and hope do these folks really want to see?

I wonder why we can’t get all the members of the UN to do this. A woman fell from the 16th story of the UN building (fell, jumped or thrown?). It is tragic that she died this way but given that the UN is useless, wouldn’t it have been better if all those who hate the US and those who continually work against us had jumped instead? There are a lot of people there who enjoy living here because of our freedoms but fail to embrace us as a country. They fight us every step of the way and allow people like Ahmadinejad and Chavez to come here and talk bad about our country and our president.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Things that Make You Wonder”

  1. Debbie says:

    Good idea on the UN employees. A massive jump from every window, I can see it now. Knock down the building and sell the real estate.

    Debbie’s last blog post..Clinton and Obama reps talk to dictator

  2. Big Dog says:

    We can use the bricks to build a wall on the southern border….

  3. We Are F**king F**ked…

    “I don’t want a man that’s going to use the Koran to be sworn in as President instead of the Bible.”
    Via Crooks and Liars.
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