Things Are Changing Rapidly In The World Of Hope

It looks like the Obama brand of hope and change is not resonating very well with a majority of the population and he is being dealt one setback after another. The hope and change express started to derail when the conductor, one B H Obama, rammed through a stimulus package that did not stimulate and coupled it with an omnibus bill, both of which were laden with earmarks. The price tag gave many Americans sub-sternal discomfort and they began to realize that Obama and his Democrats were out of control. Cap and trade gave more Americans pause and this was just the beginning.

Then came time for the signature legislation, the promise to end all promises, and that was the reform of our health care system. We are not talking about tweaks to fix our system, no we are talking about a complete overhaul that will remake the entire system of health care and it is being done to cover the 8% or so of the population that does not have health insurance.

Well, they say it is about covering the uninsured but if this were really the goal then the members of Congress, including then Senator Obama, would have voted for the bills that were introduced to repair the system. Instead, they voted against fixing it because they knew that someday they would be in a position to take complete control and they could not vote for anything that might give praise to Republicans, no matter how harmful their votes were. The goal is for them to take control of health care so they can control our lives. They want to control our lives and the easiest way is for them to control our health care. They already hold the elderly hostage with Social Security and Medicare and they want this same power over the rest of us.

Obama has met resistance though because people are not willing to cede that much power to government. People are waking up and rejecting the idea of government controlling their health care and the decisions stemming from it.

Obama has dropped the idea of a public option but we still need to be vigilant because any plan they pass now will be added to in the future and they will use the foot they get in the door now to force other options on us in the future.

As for the change that Obama promised, it appears as if the political landscape is changing. All 50 states have more people who identify as conservative and Tim Pawlenty says that Obama is pushing people to the Republican party.

Obama has shut down his Gestapo email snitching address after it received much deserved attention about the impropriety of the White House collecting the names of people opposed to its plans by encouraging supporters to report their neighbors. We need to remain vigilant here as well because the story indicates that they still want tips but there is a new place to send them.

All of these setbacks might not be cause for celebration because there are still those who are so thrilled with Obama that they have their noses stuck in his undershorts, and on a national level he remains popular. However, the arrogance of those in Congress might well take away the majority Obama enjoys at the present time. A New York Congressman says he will vote against the wishes of his constituents. Democrat Eric Massa said he will vote for single payer health care even if the majority of his constituents do not want it. He is in a conservative district and somehow got elected (like Frank Kratovil). He basically told his constituents that he knows what they want and need and he knows it better than they do.

Anyone want to bet on whether this guy will be in office after the 2010 election? This is the problem with politicians, they think they know what is best for us and that they can decide how we should do things. They work for us and they represent us so they need to ensure that the way they vote is actually representative. In 2010 Republicans will take a large number of seats. This is not all great because they have shown the inability to lead in the past. When they were in power they acted like Democrats and lost control. They need to be committed to smaller government and less spending or they will do us no good.

However, guys like Kratovil and Massa will be one termers and a lot of others will lose their jobs as well. The number of Senators who could lose is also staggering. I really want to see some of these jackasses go down (and that includes people from both parties).

The hope and change express has been derailed because a lot of people are sobering up and realizing that they went on a terrible bender that cost this country dearly.

They now realize that if Obama is the answer it must have been a stupid question in the first place.

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Things Are Changing Rapidly In The World Of Hope”

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  2. bconvis says:

    Yeah, my spelling sucks.
    Change for Change’s sake is the work reason to change, and only leads to disaster. People voted the way they did because the rallying cry of “Change” was so tantalizing. unfortunately, no one actually looked into the specifics of what that change would entail. And look what we got. Its like hype for any orodcut. look at the Segway. Remember the build up of hypse? Itwas soemthing different. something revolutionary. And it sucked. So change is not always good, my friends. Actiually, it sucks pretty hard half the time

    • Blake says:

      Well, as my grandad used to say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. And if it is, you need to find out exactly what the problem is.
      I bet the first time a bicycle broke down, people didn’t throw away the bicycle, but found exactly what the problem was.
      With Hussein, it is NOT about health- it’s about CONTROL.

      • Inspector T says:

        Blake says: “Well, as my grandad used to say, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. . . With Hussein, it is NOT about health.”

        Cute, Blake, and the relevance of the President’s middle name is what exactly?

        As far as the health system in the US not being broke, well, you really need an education.

        Here are some facts (even though I doubt you will let them get in your way):

        – about 60 percent of our health care is financed by public money, including federal and state taxes, property taxes and tax subsidies

        -about 20 percent is financed individually through health insurance premiums, out-of-pocket payments (such as deductibles and co-payments) and payments for care for the uninsured

        – private employers pay only 21 percent.

        – at about 16 percent of gross domestic product, the United States spends roughly 70 percent more on health care than other developed countries

        – we also spend much more per capita (around $7,300 annually).

        – still, the United States consistently receives low ratings on quality and efficiency of care, access, safety and equity.

        – we have lower life expectancies, higher deaths per thousand individuals, higher infant mortality rates than virtually all other developed countries, and even a good many “developing” countries.

        – Medical debt is the principal cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

        • Big Dog says:

          This is full of crap. A medical bankrupcy being the major cause. Do you know that a MB is considered if the bill is more than 1000 dollars regardless of other debt? This means that you could have 99,000 dollars of credit card debt and 1001 dollars of medical debt and it will be classified as a medical bankruptcy.

          The US has the best health care in the world. The access needs some work and I have written about how to make it better. You should learn what you are talking about.

          You assume that health care is the reason for lower life expectancies et al. First, illegals who are in poor health figure in the average. Secondly, people are responsible for their own health and many do not comply with their treatment. I have seen too many diabetics who do not comply with their disease management. All the reform in the world will not correct this. With freedom comes the freedom to not take care of yourself which many people decide on. However, our health care system provides the greatest chance of survival if you have a cardiac arrest or some other disease process.

          You can make any lie look good by manipulating the numbers. look at how I shed light upon the lie of medical bankruptcy…

        • Blake says:

          T- The relevence of Hussein’s middle name is that I choose to use it- You have a problem with that, tough.
          With all the facts you cite you have to understand we have also more people, and if you get the government involved it will be worse.
          The Medical bankruptcy argument is a straw man argument, as false indicators are used in determining this. The medical part ends up a small part of a pattern of credit abuse, and yet, for their purposes they choose to emphasize the medical part of the debt.

  3. Adam says:

    “Anyone want to bet on whether this guy will be in office after the 2010 election?”

    I don’t know if I’d take that bet just yet. One of the most unpopular presidents of all time was re-elected to a 2nd term so anything is possible.

    There are always more people who believe they are conservative than liberal but the problem is Democrats contain both liberals and conservatives. The problem will always be how people identify themselves on certain issues and on support for a party.

    When you look at Party ID you’re not going to find the GOP rebounding. Quite the opposite in fact. The Dems still hold a 10 point advantage while both parties continue to hemorrhage support to so-called independents.

    Whether or not it’s accurate the people still will increase their support for Obama when the economy rebounds more. It is rebounding and the worst is not yet to come as you believe and that will bolster Obama and in turn the Democrats going into the election next year.

    The problem though for Dems with Obama failing to move change through quickly is that there’s just a few more months left for politicians to work for us until they begin working to get re-elected. It’s sad, right?

    • Blake says:

      Everyone is declaring their independence because they see that the Dems are liars too-so they say no party, but they are still conservatives, of that you can be sure.
      I know of no one who has become more liberal over time- at least no one sane.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Carter was never reelected and Bush was fairly popular when he ran for his second term. His popularity fell after constant attacks by people who now praise Obama for doing what Bush did.


  5. a mother says:

    This talk of rebounding makes me think of watching my 18 month old play basketball. She tries to get it in the hoop, then chases it around the yard kicking it when she gets too close (yes, occassionally she’ll kick it against the house and it’ll pop back to her but those are few and far between and don’t get much accomplished). I end up picking it up and handing it to her but the Dems’ “fixes” to our economy are like her kicks, they only make the situation worse and there no one to pick it up and hand the economy back to us. My daughter will learn eventually, when will our elected officials? Fixes don’t involve “stimulus” packages, “cash for junk”, or health care that will essentially kill us all – those are kicks in the wrong direction.

    • Blake says:

      With the Dems, it is all about control of your life- they see themselves as more knowledgeable than you about what you need- they are the wise leaders we have long sought- now why can’t we just shut up and allow them to govern us?
      We are JUST so impolite, questioning their omnipotence.
      How dare we?
      Because we are Americans.