They Would Sell Their Souls To Get Elected

Hillary Clinton wants to be the next President of the United States. She is ramping up for a run at the White House in 2008 and despite her claims to be solely focused on winning reelection in 2006, she is campaigning for the White House. The thing about Clinton is that she wants to be the leader of the free world. The leader of a free country that is free despite the best efforts of her and her other socialist buddies on the left. Many will tell you that Clinton is a moderate. She is no more moderate than that drunkard Ted Kennedy, she just disguises it better.

The President of the US is supposed to keep us safe. Now we all know the President can not physically do that but policies, actions, and deeds are all important in keeping ones countrymen safe. Ms. Clinton’s husband failed to do that and we were an unsafe country because of it. He cut our military in half and decreased spending on our security. He ignored direct attacks on our country and our military and allowed the storm to gather. Now the misses wants a turn at the Oval Office and she will say anything to get it. She is courting the Hispanic vote and this is the substance of her grandstanding:

Speaking to the nations’ largest Hispanic civil rights organization, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., received a standing ovation Monday when she vowed her support for legislation that would allow illegal immigrant high school students to attend college. (emphasis added)

Ms. Clinton would allow those who broke our laws to get here to go to college. She would probably have the taxpayers foot the tuition bills while their own children struggle to afford higher education. Why is it that this woman will let people walk in here and then treat them like they are citizens of our country. Why is it that she wants to reward them for breaking the law. If we start sending illegal immigrants to college than we will get more illegal immigrants. The Bush administration has been woefully inadequate in securing our borders as it is. Now this want to be President wants to reward the illegals!

Perhaps it is no surprise that she would do this. She has not been a friend to this country and its laws. Hell, she and Bubba broke more laws than you can shake a stick at and they flaunt their blatant disregard right out in the view of the public. Perhaps it would do people well to remember that we are at war with a bunch of savages that want to kill us. Latest reports are that al Qaeda has sneaked at least two nuclear bombs into this country. Bin Laden wants to detonate these bombs (and possibly more) in cities around the country. He wants them detonated in areas that are predominantly inhabited by Jews. His goal is to create and American Hiroshima where at least 4 million people are killed. His belief is that this will cripple our country and its economy. One thing is for sure. It would take a long time to recover from such an attack. It might make some cities uninhabitable for hundreds of years. The bombs got here by way of the very people Hillary wants to reward, illegals:

Some of that money is used to pay off the notorious MS-13 street gang between $30,000 and $50,000 for each sleeper agent smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico. The sleepers are also provided with phony identification, most often bogus matricula consular ID cards indistinguishable from Mexico’s official ID, now accepted in the U.S. to open bank accounts and obtain driver’s licenses.

We need to tighten our borders and we need to deport anyone here illegally. Once that is done we need to protect our country by blocking the routes used by illegals to gain entry. We need to adopt a shoot first policy and make it known that if we see anyone crossing in we will shoot first and ask questions later. If people still want to try to get in then they will do so at their own risk. We have played far too many games and now we need to be deadly serious.

The very last thing we need to do is ensure that every country on Earth knows that if we are attacked with nuclear devices we will retaliate in kind. We need to make it clear that we will drop great big nukes on all the countries we even suspect of having anything to do with an attack. We need people to know that an attack on us will result in a retaliatory strike like no one has ever seen. Bin Laden’s goal is the end of America. The world needs to be put on notice. They need to understand that the end of America will not come without the end of EVERY COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. This will not sit well with the libs but at that point it won’t really matter.

There are several dates being speculated upon as the dates for an attack with September 11th a top candidate. Keep in mind, the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima is August 6th.

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