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They Will Run Obamacare The Same Way

It never ceases to amaze me how many people think that the government running the health care in this country will make things better. I am continually amazed at how many people actually believe that the government being involved means that it will cost less money. The government does not do things at lower costs than private industry and government programs become bloated rapidly.

There is also the issue of results. Government not only runs over budget and costs more money than it should (and likewise spends more on programs than it should) it also simply does not do things very well.

Just last week the government tested the national alert system that would allow a president to speak to almost all people in this country at once in the event of an emergency. The test was announced well in advance and the planning was ongoing. The big day came and the government, those competent folks who can do it all, failed miserably. Many locations did not get the alert, other locations had no sound and some folks did not even realize the test had occurred because there was nothing to indicate it had.

The people who planned and put this in place are the same kind of people who will be running your health care. These folks cannot complete a relatively simple task of sending a message across the country. Yes, it is a complex issue but it is relatively simple when one compares it to health care. The government will fail in that venture many times over.

What government will do is become bloated and cost lots of money. This happens in all programs. Social Security should be relatively simple. Pay in, retire, and get retirement check. The government has added so many things and made so many people entitled to “benefits” that it takes an army of government workers to manage Social Security. And because it is government it takes a lot more employees than it would in the private sector.

Social Security has become bloated over decades but it does not take that long for any government program to expand. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the folks who molest you at the airports, has only been around for about ten years. A Congressional report shows it is bloated and ineffective. The report indicates there are 65,000 workers but even with all those there were 25,000 security breaches in the last decade.

In ten years the TSA has become a bloated and ineffective organization (many would argue that this occurred much earlier) and it is a relatively small organization. Compare it to what will be required when government intrudes in the health care arena and the amount of bloat and the level of ineffectiveness will be greatly multiplied.

Government is slow, cumbersome, big, wasteful, and ineffective and all government programs continue to grow each year.

Obamacare will grow into a larger program than any other redistributive effort the US has undertaken (SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc) and it will cost a lot more than any of those programs. The people who support it claim it will save money but it will not. Unfortunately, like all government programs, by the time we see that it is too expensive and does not work it will be well underway. Government usually gets the estimates wrong but does not admit it until long after it has wasted billions (if not trillions) of dollars of taxpayer money and enslaved millions of people.

Thus, enslaved to a program they are enslaved to government. Just the way the politicians want it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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