They Will “Nudge” You To Be Skinny

Cass Sunstein, the “Regulatory Czar” in Hussein’s little cadre of tinpot dictatorettes he surrounds himself with, is merrily on his way to putting his crackpot theories into effect, which means that you too could be sued by an animal near you. Admittedly, he will use this ridiculous proposition to go after the meat producers in this country, with the end result that they would be forced out of business, or at the very least, taxed into the poorhouse- either way, it would mean that the price and accessibility of meat, whether it be beef, chicken, fish or other, would be ridiculously high priced if available at all.

Chief among the personnel who oversee the regulatory process is the administrator of an unheralded office within the White House’s Office of Management and Budget called the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). The administrator is also known as the “Regulatory Czar.” Earlier this year the President nominated Cass Sunstein to run this office. Sunstein’s nomination is now pending before the full Senate. A vote on his nomination is expected next week.

Unless you work on regulatory matters involving the federal, government you are probably not aware that OIRA exists. However, the office has tremendous influence on the number and scope of regulations that come out of the various federal agencies. The office acts as the gatekeeper vetting both final regulations that become law as well as proposed regulations.


Some of Mr. Sunstein’s views are troubling to say the least. He is on record supporting rights for animals including giving standing to private persons to sue on behalf of animals under existing laws. He has also stated that he believes there should be more regulation in the area of animal rights.

This is slippery slope to say the least. What will happen if he is presented with a regulatory situation where he is free to “follow the law” as well as advance his own personal views at the same time? And what if he uses the power of this office to influence the law he then eagerly follows?

Yeah, no kidding- to say that this geek’s views are troubling is akin to saying that hell is warm. The position he is being appointed to is regulatory, which means that he will be overseeing virtually everything, not just the food you eat (which would be bad enough), but everything that the Federal government can regulate, and they can regulate a lot.

If he is confirmed by the Senate, Cass Sunstein will be, in effect, one of the most powerful men in the government. He could push through regulations that punish certain groups, whether they be energy groups, ranchers and farmers, water rights advocates, virtually everything that affects your everyday existence and your ability to earn money and thrive.

Thrive is a word people do not use enough, as they have become blase about “thriving”- we as a nation have come to expect to “thrive”- if Sunstein has his way, you won’t be doing too much of that good old- time thriving anymore.

Given Sunstein’s troubling statements and advocacy, he should not be confirmed to run OIRA. The Senate should vote down his nomination.

And in so doing, it should send a clear message to the President that a nominee with radically leftwing views concerning issues like animal rights should not be in a position where he has the opportunity to craft laws, rules, and regulations that could plunge the livestock industry into a litigation abyss from which it may never emerge.

If you like burgers, steaks, or really any meat, this has to trouble you- there will be no Burger Kings, or Mickey Ds, or really any fast food. But beyond that, you will not be allowed to hunt, or fish ( he hasn’t addressed what happens to the millions of overpopulated wildlife who will starve to death, slowly, if they are not kept in check, or stunted fish who will overpopulate our lakes), but that is just the beginning. 

Will you even be allowed to eat veggies? That is a question you might ask John Holdren, who believes even trees have rights, ( and by extension, broccoli and squash- can they sue in court if they were brutally picked?). He is another of Nobama’s advisors. Where does he dig these nutjobs up? Did he really think that these were smart people while he was smoking a blunt?

You’d have to figure our “Reviled Leader” had to be on drugs in order to pick this many loons- and by simple association, he must be right up there too. So we have a drug-addled Resident, who appoints crazy people to positions of power, and they are going to starve us by regulating the Breadbasket of America out of business.

How’s that “Change” workin’ out for you?

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13 Responses to “They Will “Nudge” You To Be Skinny”

  1. Adam says:

    Again I must point out that slippery slope is a logical fallacy. But then again since you often think you don’t need logic to form your argument I guess you’re in the clear, so carry on.

    When you look at what Cass Sunstein has actually said instead of getting your view straight off another blog, you’ll see Sunstein is not the crazy you make him out to be. Still, he does support a decrease in eating animals due to the immense suffering involved, but I guess maybe you want to be on record as supporting animal cruelty and all the poor health conditions that come with it if it employs Americans and you can still go to Mickey Ds and flood your heart with excess cholesterol, right?

    We need more animal rights regulation, and why argue against that? You go to jail if you treated dogs and cats the way they treat the animals that Americans eat every day. What’s the difference? People don’t have to see it, and maybe they should.

    As Sunstein has said, we will never ban eating meat but we can make smart changes to regulations that will raise awareness and start to scale back these massive industries that torture animals to save a few pennies. And you know what? Americans will start to live healthier lives because of it and they’ll start getting their food from better sources like you already do.

    • Blake says:

      Yeah, yeah, yeah- I am sure that sunny and your pal, “cuddles” Jones will make everything just fine.
      And quoting another blog isn’t wrong if it is right, and I see no wrongness here.
      What do you dispute? Sunny’s endgame? The fact that he will be able to regulate virtually EVERYTHING makes him a man with a LOT of power, Witness the lack of water California farmers are suffering through, all because of a two inch fish- ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? A two inch fish is holding up an agricultural industry?
      A two inch fish is what we in Texas call “live bait”- and if it’s “endangered” it must be extra tasty to the bigger fish.

  2. Adam says:

    It’s probably more that you don’t have any respect for the law field that you don’t like Sunstein and not simply that he’s this big bad man you make him out to be who can regulate “EVERYTHING” as if he’s a one man army of regulation. I’m pretty sure that’s now how his job would work, but maybe you can show otherwise…

    • Blake says:

      No I have plenty of respect for righteous laws, but not those partisan POS’s that am afraid his faulty reason will take us- laws that are partisan and enable a hackneyed cause should never be followed.
      It is the duty of man to oppose unjust laws.

  3. victoria says:

    They’re developing a shadow government that (does not) answer to the American people–all these czars.

    • Blake says:

      Yes, Victoria, most of these radical marxists are appointed, not vetted by the FBI, nor confirmed by the Senate, and thus they bypass the controls that were put into place to help protect the American people.
      But you have to understand one thing our founders gave little thought to, and that was traitors from the inside actually gaining any control- our founders didn’t count on as many of the people being as willfully ignorant as they now are of what was happening in politics. The traitors do.
      Also, the punishment for treason used to be death, but the population has gone soft- heck we can’t even interrogate our KNOWN enemies without some people crying that we are abusing the enemies rights.

  4. Adam says:

    Come on now. Shadow government? Made up fo “czars”? Only if Bush had one too. Bush after all had more “czars” with just as many appointed without the Senate, though what a “czar” is, is debatable. Furthermore, many of Obama’s “czars” are appointed into spots that existed for other presidents.

    This whole fear of “czars” is totally unfounded. Will every one of Obama’s staff and every bit of staff from the Cabinet need to go through the Senate for you to feel like they answer to us? That’s absurd. The “czars” are staff and advisers that answer to the president or to a member of Obama’s cabinet, and those all answer to us.

    Calling it a shadow government is going overboard. We know all these people. We know their backgrounds, we know their current duties. If that makes for a shadow government then the definition sure has changed over the years.

    If you want to see a better example of a shadow government then take a look at what Cheney was doing after 9/11. Most members of
    Congress didn’t even know about this one, let alone the public.

    • Blake says:

      Ok- I am reading your link and laughing so hard, my scar began to hurt- These were the same plans that dated back to the Fisenhower administration- this was not “Cheney the Devil” acting on his own- actions like this I could understand, but putting a felonious, communistic,radical liar into a post unvetted, is something else entirely.
      And to put so many wrong- headed people in positions of authority is intentionally dangerous.
      EVERYONE in this administration presents a Clear and Present Danger to the US

  5. Adam says:

    Go ahead and laugh. The joke’s on you. I offer no major opinion on that “shadow government” except to say while it wasn’t even a true shadow government either, it is a much better example. To call Obama’s “czars” a shadow government is the height of ignorance.

    Oh it’s soooo sneaky, so shadowy, so dark and evil. The way we know their names, their viewpoints, what their job is? We could probably figure out how much money they make. Oh my GOD! The dark secrecy is going to kill our country!

    Go ahead and lie some more about Van Jones. Again I ask for evidence that he even committed a felony or was ever charged for one. Will you have the courage to admit you are wrong, or maybe present some evidence that you are right, or will you just continue being a cowardly liar?

    Clear and present danger? Now you got me laughing. You are so deluded and paranoid it’s pathetic.

    • Blake says:

      O-Bummer counts on what he perceives ( as many Elitists do) the innate “stupidity” of “the masses”- besides, I will say that he didn’t lie when he said that he would “Fundamentally Change America”- but most people thought he meant that in a GOOD way, not the Marxist tearing down of our infrastructure way that he is going about it now.
      Yes- Clear and Present Danger- and it is from the dweeb you elected- God knows I wouldn’t.

    • Blake says:

      Oh- Vannie’s going down- the only question is when. Hussein has this annoying habit of throwing people under the bus easily, so look for Van to get run over by a bus, chuckle- I made a small joke- a pun, actually.

  6. sandra742 says:

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