They Will Feel Right At Home In Baltimore

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake unveiled her plans to lure immigrants to the “Charm City”. There is no indication whether her plan is strictly for those here legally or all comers regardless of status but since Maryland welcomes illegals with open arms and Blake calls these folks New Americans like the moron governor, there is no doubt she will welcome them with open arms.

I don’t know what Blake wants to accomplish with her plan. Baltimore already has a high crime rate, a drug use and trafficking problem and large numbers of people on welfare so it is not like she is looking to actually change the landscape.

Perhaps she just wants to increase population since Baltimore keeps losing people who are tired of the failure of liberalism. There will always be the hangers on who have their hands out and expect gubmint to take care of them but those looking for a better life are fleeing the city (and in many cases the state all together).

Since most parts of Baltimore look and act like third world countries the immigrants, legal or not, will feel right at home and who knows, with a little work (ha ha work) on their part Baltimore might just hit the bottom it has been seeking for decades.

Blake wants 10,000 new families to inhabit her run down city and I am sure there are plenty of immigrants (including lots and lots of illegals) who are looking for a place to call home.

The rest of the counties should realize that while Blake is importing crime, disease and new welfare recipients they will be footing the bill.

Baltimore has two things going for it and those are the Ravens and the Orioles. If those teams played in another part of the state there would be no reason to visit the city.

Oh, it does have a new casino that attracts people from outside the city but it is too new to determine if it will be a plus or a minus for the city.

Of course the casino and stadiums do need people to clean them up and what better way than low wage immigrants.

Perhaps Blake can get her lawn taken care of as well…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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