They Were Suspended For Looking

Twenty California students were suspended from school because they viewed the web site of another student who threatened to commit a Columbine type massacre. The wacko student was taken into custody and bomb material was found at his house. The other students were suspended for the unforgivable crime of viewing the website.

This does not sit well with me. The students were not part of the plan and their parents claim that they did not know about the plot because it was not out in the open on the site. It is bad enough that the idiots who run the school system suspended the students for looking at the site but it is unbelievable that these students were suspended for viewing the site at home, on their own computers, and not on school time.

If this school system can not prove these students were part of the plot then they should be allowed to return to school immediately. The students violated no law what so ever and the school does not have the authority to suspend them for viewing the site. The parents of the students are, understandably, upset. I think that they should file a huge law suit against the school system and make the system pay for their stupidity. Bob Metz, the assistant superintendent, said the suspensions were appropriate because student safety was involved.

Well perhaps this jackass could tell us exactly how these students were a threat to student safety. Perhaps he would care to enlighten the rest of us as to how these kids, if they had nothing to do with it, were a threat to safety by viewing a website. We have liberal teachers spewing anti American rants in one school and another school violating the rights of students because they read a website. What will the do next, suspend students if they read a newspaper that has the plot reported in it?

This kind of stuff is just plain stupid.


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