They Want Their Own Kind Running The Country

Al Franken and his ilk over at Err Amerika are a sad group of pathetic people who want Democrats just like themselves to run this country. Al Franken has threatened and attacked people with whom he disagrees (but he is for peace) and he has said some really nasty things about Conservatives. Al has really had a few rather mean things to say about the President and his hatred for everything that is not liberal is so think you could cut it with a knife.

Err Amerika has been in trouble for quite some time, like since it went on the air. They were typical liberals and accepted all kinds of social welfare from folks to stay on the air and they even had some fraud thrown in to make it feel like a normal liberal day. There are now news reports that the station is filing for bankruptcy. Yep, those folks who said that George Bush was running up the deficit in this country seem to have missed economics class themselves.

Al Franken has not been paid for a while (which means he is now getting what he is worth and he and I make the same amount for doing a talk show) and he is not happy. The bills are not getting paid and no money is coming in. Unlike when the Democrats control Congress, Err Amerika can not just earn more money by raising taxes (but if they could they would). They have to depend on advertising and even the most liberal companies know enough about capitalism to know not to waste money advertising on stations people do not listen to. These incompetent folks want people just like them running the country. Remember that in November.

I really would like to meet Franken in person. Not that I care for him but he can not hear me laughing at him right now and I really wish he could hear that. Hey Al, remember your book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar? He gets a paycheck each week pal and probably earns enough in a week to buy your sorry radio station. I bet it feels good to know the guy you wrote about is doing so well. Perhaps an autobiography would help set you straight?

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