They Survived A War For This?

Two soldiers who had just returned from the dangerous war zone in Iraq were badly beaten by thugs outside Pioneer Square in Seattle. The two were at a club with a a couple of lady friends and when they left one of the women was groped by one of the thugs. She threw a hot dog in his face and the foursome left the area only to be pursued by the thugs and attacked. The thugs beat the service men so badly that one of them lost consciousness. At that point a thug kept stomping on his head. Both victims suffered broken jaws, while one suffered a broken arm and both had other broken bones and several bruises. Amazingly, there is a video tape of the incident and the thugs, three young black men, are clearly recognizable. Police released the tape in hope that someone would recognize the punks and turn them in.

So far, none has been identified. I have an idea. Why don’t we give the tape to some of the Special Forces and let them track down the thugs. As incentive we can allow them to do what they want with them once they locate the sorry punks. What an irony that these two service members served in a war that is so dangerous that we get death tallies everyday by the MSM only to come home safely where they are beaten half to death.

I imagine when the punks are captured we will have to endure a litany of excuses about upbringing, child abuse, and whatever other excuse can be used in their defense. Hell, Al Sharpton will probably come to their defense saying they were oppressed by military occupiers. I can not tell from the tape what color the victims are but if they are white will this be perceived as a racially motivated crime so the thugs can receive harsher sentences? And as I have stated before, all crimes are hate crimes.

Since we probably can not use the SF to get them I hope the police pursue this crime and the DA pushes for as tough a penalty with as much vigor as they do when a gay man gets beat up.

The story indicates the two victims are recovering nicely from their injuries.

The story and the video tape are located here.

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