They Should Have Read It First

Oops, looks like the reality that it had to be passed to see what was in it has struck home for members of Congress and their staff members with regard to Obamacare. Remember that Nancy Pelosi famously stated that they needed to pass the bill to see what was in it. No one read the 2000 plus page bill, a bunch of shady deals were made to get this thing passed, and Obama signed it with a big smile.

He was happy that he screwed America and that government took more control over our lives.

The problem is that members of Congress and their staff must be part of the Obamacare exchanges and there is NO mechanism in place for their employer (the taxpayer) to pay the employer portion of health care premiums. People are working furiously to find some way to allow this to take place but so far there is no solution to a problem the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) pointed out not long after the bill was signed into law.

Congress now looks to Obama to make some administrative announcement to “fix” this problem. The Legislators do not want to change this via legislation because it will be seen as hypocrisy by the public. You see, the public is stuck with all the bad stuff in the law and can’t simply change or make a new law to help themselves. Congress wants to avoid looking like hypocrites.

Ironically, this is the reason the provision is in the law in the first place. Senator Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, proposed this part of the legislation to ensure that members of Congress and their staff were held to the same standard as constituents. There is speculation that Grassley never thought it would pass but that Democrats did not want to look like hypocrites so they allowed it.

Now they are stuck with it and they are whining. When 70% of the nation opposed this it was no big deal because our betters knew what was best for us. We had to shut up and eat our peas. We had to watch as they played games, lied and made backroom deals to get this passed and we had to watch them smile as it was signed into law even as we continued to oppose it.

They did not mind all of us having this forced upon us but now that they are stuck and there appears to be no way out they are in full fix it mode.

Screw them. Let them have to pay 100% of their health care costs. Let them be forced to eat their peas. Let them have to do what they do not want to do like the majority of us who have opposed this monstrosity since its conception.

No special treatment for these pukes. If you don’t want it to apply to you then repeal it or defund it.

God help them if they refuse to repeal or refund and then work a deal to get a break for themselves and their staff. It will not be pretty when 2014 rolls around.

This is what happens when government involves itself in areas where it does not belong. This is what happens when they engage in social programs that enslave the people. This is what happens when they act in haste.

Now they are caught up in the web they set up and they do not like it.

I guess they should have read it first.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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