They Just Keep Proving Our Point

The folks on the left are really out there. They have been talking about the Kerry loss everyday and they keep coming up with excuses. The strange thing is that this has divided us even more because of the outright hatred that they promulgate. This week we have heard that all the Jesus freaks voted for Bush. We have heard that the people in the red states are not as smart as those in the blue. Now they are saying that those in the red states pay less taxes than the blue states and that the red sponges off the government getting more than they pay in.

I have said that it stands to reason the blue states pay more in taxes. If you look at them it is not hard to figure that this is where a lot of very wealthy people live. The whole left part of California voted blue and we know the bulk of the millionaire stars live there. Look at New York. Of course a great deal of wealthy people live there in the money center of our country. The interesting thing is that the left would have you look at the states and use the color as an indicator. I say to look at the county by county map for a better picture. Many blue states are overwhelmingly red except in the most heavily populated areas.

The data for the 2004 election is not yet available because some areas are continuing to count votes. They are also waiting for Dan Rather to call Ohio. I took the data from the 2000 election, which has a very similar county by county profile (and probably more red this time). Bush won 2463 counties in 2000 and Gore won 675. This equates to 78% and 22% respectively. So if we go by the argument that the blues pay most of the taxes we can conclude that most of the taxes are paid by 22% of the country. The rest of the taxes are paid by 78% of the country. This is what they are, in essence, saying.

When Bush cut taxes there was this big outcry about tax cuts for the rich and that the wealthiest people were not paying their fair share. Why should the rich get a tax cut. Many on the right tried to point out that 20% of the taxpayers paid 80% of the taxes. The map and the donks arguments about taxes make this case quite easily. So, now we have established that the wealthiest pay most of the taxes and therefore, are entitled to a return of some of what they paid in.

We also need to look at something else. If the Bush tax cuts only helped the rich why are the less affluent people, those in the red states, paying less taxes than the rich. If the red states are getting more than they are paying in does not it stand to reason that the rich are paying the lion’s share. Is not this what John Kerry said he would do and that Bush would not? Kerry said he would only tax the wealthiest Americans. These numbers make the case that this is already happening. In addition, the tax cuts have helped the 78% of the people in the middle class (red states) and are working as intended.

The last thing I would point out is that the donks have shown their true (blue) colors. They have been crying that the middle class is paying too much in taxes and that Bush has only helped the rich. This mindless tripe spewed from Kerry’s mouth all through the campaign. Now that the donks have lost the election the left is crying that the people in the red states are a burden and do not pay their fair share. As usual they have been exposed for the hypocrites they are. They might think those in the red states are not bright but I argue they were smart enough to see what Bush has done for them and what the donks would have done to them. That is why they voted George Bush in for four more years.

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