They Have No Right To Whine

We have heard about the American soldiers who burned the bodies of two Taliban fighters. The man who filmed it has stated that the locals refused to bury the bodies and that they were bloated and stinking so they were burned for sanitation reasons. A PsyOps group used the occasion to try and flush out some Taliban fighters. Reportedly, the Afghanis are upset at this desecration of Muslim dead.

I say boo fricking hoo. I don’t give a rat’s rear if they are upset about it or not. The bodies were burned because they were rotting and stinking the place up (though burning bodies don’t smell real good either). Where was all this indignation when American contractors were blown up and dragged through the town and then their charred bodies were hung from a bridge? I think beheading people is desecration and we have not heard a lot of outcry from the Muslims.

Here is a piece of advice for the people over there. If you do not want your dead burned then collect them up and bury them. When they start to stink the place up we are going to burn them.

Cao’s blog has a great post about this very subject.

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