They Don’t Like It When It Is Done To Them

Remember not long ago when the buzz word around all the moonbats was Nazi? Bush was a Nazi, our troops are Nazis. the Government is heading for a Nazi like state. Remember guys like Dick Turbin saying things about out troops and equating them to Nazis? It was fair game and give then stuff that comes out of Howard Dean’s mouth it just appears to be the way of the Democratic Party.

Well no the shoe is on the other foot. At a speech in Boston the Republican Governor was introduced as the head of a state run by the “KKK … the Kerry, Kennedy Klan” (my emphasis).

The moonbats have come unhinged about this. This is terrible and there should be no jokes about the Klan. Why do you know what they believe? Well, do you know what the Nazis did? You were all in favor of remarks that vile being thrown around about our military and the Republican leaders. All of the sudden you guys on the left are offended?

State Democratic Party chairman Phil Johnston, who has criticized Romney for making Massachusetts the butt of jokes as a liberal bastion during his out-of-state travel as he considers a run for president, said he was outraged that Romney could find any humor in the remarks referring to Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry invoking the KKK.

“It is embarrassing that Gov. Mitt Romney would laugh at any joke that disparages Catholics, African Americans, and Jews,” Johnston said. “This is just further evidence of the lengths this governor will go to ridicule the people of this state in order to advance his own political fortunes.”

Well boo fricking hoo. Where was Johnson when his moonbat buddies were making the remarks they did? Where was his outrage when the moonbats were throwing racial slurs at Michael Steele? Mr. Johnson, go pound sand in the place you usually keep your head.

For the record, the Governor said he was not really paying attention to the remarks and he did not think they were appropriate. I just wanted to make that clear for the sake of accuracy.

In a related story Senator Byrd said he was deeply offended by these events. He said that if anyone holds a KKK rally they should call him so he can get in. Forgive him, breathing through sheets all these years has diminished the oxygen getting to his brain and caused damage.

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