They Don’t Like It When It Happens To Them

Many readers (as if I have many) will recall that Helen Thomas, the senile White House Press fixture threatened to kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for the presidency. The funny thing is that Helen thought she was off the record. She made her statement to another reporter and she figured that it was not going to be reported. Albert Eisele wrote the story figuring that it was an innocent statement. He laments the fact that cybergossip Matt Grudge would post it for all the world to see.

Here are two reporters who should have known better. Thomas should have known that what ever she says to a reporter will get reported. I am sure she would and has done the same thing many times. He should have known that if he published it people would run with it. He tries to make us believe that his years of a typewriter and telegraph made him naive about the Internet and its wide availability. They both need to take a shot of reality juice.

They do however, point out what the elitists all think. They are above what they would do to others. They think that it should not happen to them but it is OK for them to do it to others. This liberal establishment does not believe the same rules that they use to ruin lives should apply to them. They are all for the freedom of the press until that freedom bites them in their tails. I have heard reports that Helen Thomas will never speak to the media again. If a politician took the same approach she would be the first to roast them in the press.

Eisele wants us to feel sorry for him because his innocent little story spread like wildfire. He chastises those who offered to give Helen whatever help she needed. Of course, if Bush had made a quip to a reporter and it went out in print Eisele would be one of the first to help fan the flames.

These media types are just too much. Thanks God we have them to provide comic relief. Perhaps these two need to drink a few prune juice cocktails to relieve them of the substance they are obviously full of.

Read Eisele’s pathetic whimper here.

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One Response to “They Don’t Like It When It Happens To Them”

  1. I love it. These reporters a so hypocritic. Do unto others…