They Did It Again

Cindy Sheehan was arrested for protesting at the UN. She was offered the chance to come in and discuss the issues but she chose to lie down in front of the door and block the entrance. A spokesperson said it appeared that this was clearly a media stunt designed to draw attention rather than have an open discussion about the issues. Sheehan wore out her welcome long ago and she appears to suffer from mental illness. Her desire to be in the spotlight and irrational behavior are things that do not reflect a healthy mind. Sheehan was arrested which makes this a repeat offense. Perhaps they will keep her in jail for a while so she can reflect on her illness. Remember Cindy, the first step is recognition.

Oh, what did they do again? Every time they mention Sheehan they have to make reference to the fact that her son was killed in Iraq, though this has long passed as the focus of her obsession. I was reading the story and it was not right up front so I thought I would finally find a story without the obligatory reference used to justify and rationalize her behavior. I was not disappointed:

At the news conference, Sheehan said when her 24-year-old son _ a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq _ died in April 2004, “the morgues were filled with innocent men, women and children.”

There it was! I almost thought they were going to leave that out but they had to get it in to remind America what excuse this moonbat uses to justify her behavior. Her son is probably spinning in his grave. If he were to rise from the dead he would probably not claim this mentally deranged woman as his mother.


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