They Come Out Of The Woodwork

There is an article in the Tuscaloosa News about a man named Bob Kunst from Miami Beach. This guy is on a mission to get Hillary in the White House. He will begin airing television ads that basically attack President Bush and portray Hillary as the Angel who cleans up the mess. This article makes at least one erroneous statement.

Hillary Clinton isn’t running for president, but her campaign already has started in New Hampshire.

As readers to this site and many other conservative sites have stated in the past, Hillary is running for the presidency. She is doing it now despite her claims that she is only concentrating on her senate reelection campaign. Hillary is placing herself in the middle to appear more moderate and trying to fool a lot of people into believing she will be the best person to lead this country. It is no secret that she is running, at least to everyone who can think. Hollywood is in on it with their new TV series about the first woman president who will be a moderate. Strange as it seems they have a very liberal actress playing a moderate and why? They want to acclimatize the public to a female president and they want to show that president as someone who espouse the views of main stream America. It is a snow job.

But back to Kunst. He believes Hillary is best for the job and wants to see her tackle issues like making marijuana legal. Notice that he does not want it legal for medical purposes, he wants it legal period. This might explain why he thinks Hillary would make a great president. The fatal flaw in his efforts comes from this part of the article.

Kunst makes his living in tourism marketing, but said he has been working full-time for two years to draft Clinton, holding more than 100 news conferences during that time.

He will have no success if he tries to draft a Clinton. Her husband was a draft dodger and given her loathe for the military, yes she hates them despite her position on the Armed Services Committee, she is unlikely to go for being drafted. Hillary despised the uniformed people who served at the White House and she has been against them since her days in College. Her request to be on the Committee and her open support are part of the makeover. When she was co-president she did not stop her husband from reducing the number of combat divisions by half. She can only blame Bush for putting our soldiers in harm’s way while overlooking the fact that cuts by her husband were detrimental to our readiness.

Mr. Kunst should spend his money on something else. Perhaps he can invest it in Whitewater. I hear that is a good deal.

Timm has written about this as well.

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