They Can Not Be Reasoned With

The left has told us time and again how we should have handled the war (as if they would know). We are told that we are the killers and that we were wrong simply because other nations did not agree with us. It never occurred to them that the other nations might be wrong because they did not agree with us but that is a matter for a later discussion.

The peaceniks out there want us to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. They think that by singing I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing like in a Coke commercial, we will have harmony. They fail to understand that peace is viewed as weakness by the terrorists and that they only respond to a show of strength. We now have word that four peace activists have been taken hostage in Iraq. The terrorists do not care that the peace mongers want us out of Iraq and that they want us to quit the war. The terrorists have taken them hostage anyway and I’ll bet it will not be too peaceful if they suffer the fate history has shown with regard to hostages.

We need to pick up the tempo and kill every last terrorist that causes us trouble. Once we have ridded the world of this vermin we can come home. Then, and only then, will peace have a chance.

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One Response to “They Can Not Be Reasoned With”

  1. That’s a big 10-4 WOOF, Big Dog. Nicely said.
    I do have to wonder, though – would those captured peace activists support t immediate troop withdrawal now?