They Attack Palin Out Of Fear

John McCain’s surprise pick of Sarah Palin to round out his ticket has sent shock waves throughout the land of politics. Republicans are energized and Democrats are suddenly fearful. They fear that they might just lose in a year that they should win and do so handily. They fear that Obama made a serious mistake by selecting Joe Biden over Hillary Clinton (a ticket I think would have won). You can tell the Democrats think Palin is the real deal and a threat because of the vicious way that they immediately attacked her and the way they continue to do so.

It started when the Obama campaign failed o acknowledge that she is a Governor and it was compounded by the assertion that she lacked any experience. Who could blame Obama for belittling the executive experience that Palin has as a Mayor and ignoring her executive experience as a Governor? For his campaign to suggest she lacks experience smacks of hypocrisy since she has more leadership experience than any of the Democrats in the race. John McCain has never held an executive position but he was in the military and certainly served as a leader there. However, Palin has more executive experience than he does.

The hits kept on coming when the Democratic Propaganda Outlet (Daily Kos) published an absolutely false story that Palin was actually the grandmother of her youngest child and faked the pregnancy to cover her daughter’s delivery. Some went so far as to suggest that Palin’s husband was the daddy of the daughter’s supposed child.

Now, a writer for a small and insignificant Baltimore paper has said that the selection of Palin is insulting on many levels. Susan Reimer of the Baltimore Sun indicates that it is nothing more than pandering for John McCain to select a woman who is inexperienced and expect people who would have voted for the experienced Hillary to vote for the GOP ticket. Though Hillary is far more experienced than Obama, I fail to see how she is more experienced than Palin. Hillary has about 8 years experience in the Senate. She has never held any other elected office and she has no executive experience. She only got the Senate seat in New York by riding the coattails of her husband. If Bill Clinton had never been president then Hillary would never have been a Senator.

Palin did not ride to office on the coattails of her husband. She is self made and earned her elected positions on her own merit. So the question is, Susan, why would you feminist women support a woman who needed a man to get ahead rather than one who made it on her own? Reimer takes issue with the fact that Palin is pro life, a member of the NRA and thinks creationism should be taught next to evolution. I find no reason to be against someone who believes in the sanctity of life and who supports the Second Amendment. I also find it refreshing that someone would offer differing opinions on how we got here. Palin wants children to be given differing points of view whereas Reimer only wants them indoctrinated with an unproven, flawed theory.

People like Reimer will come out in full force to attack Palin because she is strong and she is a real threat to their victory. Adding her to the ticket reinvigorated Republicans and will likely sway some of the Independents and women who feel that Hillary was mistreated by the chauvinistic Obama campaign. She is a real threat and the Democrats do not like it. They were outflanked by John McCain who demonstrated that a little tactical training comes in handy.

These people will make the mistake of underestimating Sarah Barracuda and will regret it. She is bright and fierce and will take them apart. Don’t let her good looks fool you, this woman is the real deal and will fight a tough fight.

The Democrats are in turmoil. Obama got a 6 point bounce from his convention and McCain stole his thunder by announcing the selection of Palin. He and his supporters know they should be way up but they seem unable to close the deal. This is troubling to them and they have a real fear that they could lose this November. Therefore, they are doing the only thing they know how to do and that is to attack with lies. They will continue to do this until the general election because they are afraid. Seriously, if she were a lightweight or someone with whom they need not concern themselves, why are they attacking her so ferociously? The Democrats have even stooped so low as to release Palin’s Social Security number. Seems Chuckie Schumer did this to Michael Steel. Not only illegal, but unethical as well.

Palin gives her convention speech tonight. I expect she will deliver an outstanding speech that will further energize the base and grab the attention of Independents and those who have yet to decide.

After Palin speaks there will be plenty of Democrats losing sleep.

And there will be more unfounded attacks.

Big Dog

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33 Responses to “They Attack Palin Out Of Fear”

  1. Robert says:

    It’s going to get worse BD, the more the libtards feel their “Messiah” is threatened and the more it looks like he might actually lose in Nov. the more attacks we will see on Palin and her family.

    They can’t mess with McCain like they are Palin, for fear of being disrespectful of his service. BUT Palin is a woman, she is a conservative so ANY little thing will get play.

    The little scared cockroaches have even dug up some bristol pictures with her holding a booze bottle and some guns…

  2. Robert says:

    Sorry that’s the home page click this one
    I don’t condone it, but I am not so naive that I would think most Teenagers have partied a little, In alaska what else is there to do? LOL
    It shows a teenager living life. While I don’t think it should be accepted as “OK” it should be left to the parents.

  3. Redhead Infidel says:

    Behold the power of true conservatism.

    The political pundits have been telling us for years that a conservative can’t win major elections – that a conservative always has to tack to the center. McCain’s nomination “proved” that theory. “See? McCain’s a liberal Republican and he earned the Presidential nomination.” While I disagree that McCain “earned” the nomination, the pundits ignore the fact that the GOP has shriveled as hundreds of thousands of life-long Republicans abandoned the GOP as a party that no longer represented them. Dispirited and uninspired by the leadership’s masquerade as Democrat-lite, Heartland Republicans had resigned themselves to losing not only the Senate, but the House AND the Presidency.

    Until… a true conservative stepped onto the scene. What an explosion of excitement, inspiration, and belief on the Republican side! An what an explosion of fear, hatred, and evil on the Democrat side. I’ve never in my life seen anything like it.

    THAT is the power of the conservative message – strength, pride, Heartland values, and American sensibility. All things McCain was lacking and that American perceive in Governor Palin. She is one of us.

    No one can ever tell me again that a conservative can’t win anymore because the country has moved Left. That’s a fallacy, and future political leaders believe it at their peril.

  4. G.M. says:

    Smells like abject fear to me!

  5. Kathy Washburn says:

    Absolute, abject fear. Palin is a breath of fresh air and that sucks the air out of vampires, werewolves, and Democrats. Thus the fear. The Democrat Party doesn’t actually exist anymore. It has been hi-jacked by the far left and it will never return, and the “new” party should be called what it is: the Communist Party. It must be terrible to be a decent Democrat, trained to always vote Democrat no matter what, and be facing this election. McCain/Palin – Go! Go! Go!

  6. I found the following on blog rounds this morning:

    “When they attack one personally it means they haven’t a single political argument left.”
    — Margaret Thatcher.

  7. Reason says:

    Personally I’m one of those people that was mainly voting for McCain to keep Obama with his horrible Marxist ideals and Carteresque foreign policies out of the White House. Now I’m pretty enthusiastic about voting Republican, still not thrilled about McCain as I would have rather had Fred Thompson as the Republican Presidential Candidate, but I’m very pleased with Sarah Palin as his choice for VP.

    She’s the true “outsider” to D.C. and embodies the American citizen-public servant in the legacy of our Founding Fathers. She’s not a lawyer, not a life time politician, but a regular citizen who got into politics to serve her community. Obama is the product of Chigao politics, arguably the most corrupt in the nation, Biden has been in the Senate as long as I’ve been alive, and McCain has been in D.C. for quite some time himself.

    I may not agree with McCain or Palin on all points, but I agree with them on the issues that are important to me than with Obama & Biden. The fact that Palin is a woman is merely a plus in my book, since I now have a woman whose views I mostly agree with to cast my vote for. Too bad there are so few black Republicans/Conservatives available and experienced enough to be on the presidential ticket, then we’d really see the rabid racial attacks from the Democrats.

    Liberal/Democratic hypocrisy knows no bounds, they attack Palin as a bad mother but laud Hillary, Pelosi, and other Democratic women as heroines who’ve broken the glass ceiling. Yet a conservative woman who’s done the same is a “bad mother”.

    I’m also thoroughly disgusted with the MSM, what shred of respect I had left was thoroughly destroyed last night. The contrast between the CNN coverage of the DNC and the RNC is worse than night and day. The DNC had analysts and the media gushing over the Democratic speakers and Obama, while they did nothing but rip into the RNC speakers, crowd, and all the Analysts were affiliated with the Democrats. The bias is so bad the MSM mind as well just form a line and let Obama walk down it while they each take their turn at performing fellatio on “The One”.

  8. 5N00PY says:

    It shouldn’t, but the hypocricy of the “progressive” movement has truly astounded me on the Palin selection. These progressives have been telling us for a couple of decades that a “family” is whatever you want it to be…it’s your choice. They tell us that two men or two women can get married and have children. They tell us you can marry (or simply co-habitate with) anyone you wish, or as many people as you wish, no matter how old or young they are…it’s your choice. Some are even saying that you can marry your pets…it’s your choice.

    They tell us you can have sex with anyone or anything you wish, and you can do whatever you wish with the resulting offspring, including killing it…It’s your choice.

    Choice, choice, choice, choice, choice…to infiniti ad naseum.

    So, along comes Sarah Palin, a woman who has chosen to be married to the same man for 20 years. She has chosen to have and raise five beautiful children (regardless of any physical/mental challenges the family will have to face for the rest of their lives). She happens to have been pregnant with her youngest child at around the same time her oldest daughter is pregnant with her first…something that has happened many, many times since the beginning of time, in young families. But the progressive propronents of “choice,” have decided to treat this as if it’s something freakish – something to be mocked and scorned. Something that is scandal-worthy, and suspicious by its very nature.

    No, you leftard freaks! The Palin family is very normal. They’re carrying on a tradition that seems to have been bred out of your ranks – it’s called LIFE. Get used to it.


  9. Adam says:

    I don’t see too many scared Democrats really. I think that the Dems are happy with the ticket they have. The idea that Obama’s not doing as well as he should in the polls is just a fabricated story. How good should be doing? Who determined that number? How far off is he? What would a good bounce be? All of these questions have very little in the way of an answer but people just keep repeating it. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs in the next few weeks but I suspect we’ll see a clearer picture as we get closer to November.

    The problem I see with Palin is she’s an unknown in the media. What can you say about Biden that hasn’t been said in the last few decades over and over and who cares anyway? With Palin every single detail that comes out is big news. Nobody cares if it’s not true or all the details aren’t known yet. The media is nothing more than tabloid trash at this point and bloggers just keep it going. For now both sides are in a frenzy debunking each other’s stupid story of the day but that will die down over time as the truth and the myth is split up.

  10. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 09/03/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  11. rock says:

    So, would it be fair now for the media to ask Biden’s children if their dad was a good dad after their mother was killed? How about obama, do we really have enough facts about his 18 year old mom and her “mistake”? Did she really need to be punished with a baby ?

    Should the media from now on enquirer about the sexual habits of the children of politicians?

    The media has attacked women, children and spouses of politicians all for the political gain of their party. The democratic party.

  12. Schatzee says:

    I heard so many differing opinions yesterday it was unreal. Some people who were “on the fence” felt that having a strong conservative on the ticket made McCain their man. Others were saying he basically threw the race when he chose someone with no experience and Palin should withdraw immediately to save the election. Unbelievable. As for the Baltimore Sun, Reimer does not know what she is talking about (of course she was a HRC supporter so what do you expect). I find Palin a refreshing change. The Palins seem like a regular family to me – problems and all. They don’t make excuses, they deal with the issues and move on. Sounds like the same plan most of us follow.

    And just to be correct (because Reimer is mistaken), Palin wants “Intelligent Design” taught in schools, not creationism. Creationism is a religious philosophy and Intelligent Design is a scientific theory (like Big Bang and Evolution).

  13. Austin says:

    As a registered Democrat from a family of hardcore Republicans I haven’t met anyone in my party that believes Sarah Palin is threat. Actually, the majority of my (and might I stress HARDCORE) Republican family was appalled by Senator McCain’s choice of Gov. Palin. Also, my Republican grandmothers were angered by the choice and viewed it as a desperate attempt to woo still bitter Clinton supporters.

    As Gramma said, ” she wouldn’t have been picked if she had differnt plumbing.”

    The only situation in which I could see Gov. Palin having any advantage would be the debates. I could see where some undecided voters could “connect” with her, but only because it’s obviously that Joe Biden will have a hard time not coming off as a bully. Gov. Palin will have a hard time keeping up with Biden. He’s undeniably one of the finest debaters in recent history.

    Unfortunatly, Tim Russert had to pass away otherwise Sarah Palin would have been butchered already.

    Oh, and for the record Senator Obama has made it clear that family matters, especially when it comes to children, are OFF LIMITS.

    The majority of media outlets cover stories that make money. And the Palin story sells papers.

    Legit news organizations strive to remain non biased. However, when stories unfold and are unfavorable to a person, company, etc. people tend to claim that the media is “biased.” It happened in 2000 with the Al Gore campaign, it happened with the Hillary Clinton campaign, now its happening with the McCain campaign.

    There are plenty of media outlets with left win tendancies (ie. Dailykos, etc.) and Plenty with Right wing tendancies (ie. Fox News). And there are plenty that strive to report facts without bias (ie. National Public Radio).

    Just because it’s unfavorable doesn’t make the entire media biased.

  14. Big Dog says:

    Austin, what media do you watch that strive to remain unbiased? The MSM is so in the tank for Obama that they get chills up their legs when he speaks.

    You say Palin would not have been selected if she had different plumbing? I could say the same about Obama except that he was only chosen for the color of his skin…

  15. Billy Joe says:

    It seems like the Reagan Republicans are also scared – they think Palin was a horrible choice, as this video, which captures them when they thought they were off camera, shows:

    Have you noticed the only people who are thrilled about this profoundly unqualified choice are the people whom George H.W. Bush referred to as the ‘extra chromosome’ crowd? The die hard 30% who still support Bush and who think people like Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales and Monica Goodling were great examples of the type of people we should have in important government positions?

    The Palin choice has been a disaster and offers Americans a perfect glimpse into the decision making process of John McCain. It’s as though he just drew her name out of an ‘evangelical wackjobs not named Mike Huckabee’ hat.

    McCain is a dangerous man and if he actually manages to win, we can look forward to endless Jerry Springer moments in his administration, courtesy of the Palin family.

    But don’t let me rain on your parade. I think Palin will be reading her speech tonight. Whoopie! I assume they’ll be keeping her away from any interviewers for the forseeable future.

  16. Billy Joe says:

    actually big dog, Obama won the Democratic Primary, which has not always been favorable to non-white candidates.

    Palin didn’t win any nationwide contest. She was selected by McCain after 1 meeting and 1 phone call and because his campaign bought into the myth that disaffected Clinton voters would support a female candidate who represents just about everything they are against.

    Nice try. Apples & oranges.

  17. Austin says:

    It is true that some people voted for Barack Obama based on the color of skin. However, it is also true that some people voted for John McCain because the color of his skin.

    Sarah Palin was chosen for several obvious reasons. First of all, she appeals to social conservatives and Evangelicals. Secondly, she is attempt to appeal to Hillary Clinton supporters. In her own words (at her speech in Ohio) Palin even makes an appeal to these voters:

    “It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”

    And as for the supposed media fascination with Barack Obama it is nothing more than a campaign trick that has been used by Republicans and Democrats alike. Media bashing has been around since Goldwater ran for President.

    Interstingly enough a July study by George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs found a negative media bias towards Obama. You may claim this is just a liberal conducted study, but studies by this CONSERVATIVE think tank usually claim there is a strong liberal media bias.

    The study’s author is a Fox News contributor (Robert Lichter) and has authored numerous other reports of liberal media bias.

    The study analyzed the top three MSM networks and found that when anchors ventured opinions on Mr. Obama that “28 percent of the statements were positive for Obama and 72 percent negative,” with a much narrower margin for McCain. This study did not even take into account the Fox News coverage of Senator Obama which has a tendancy to be negative.

    And while there is no agrument that Senator Obama has received MORE air time than Senator McCain, that doesn’t mean it has been positive. For example, take the Rev. Jeremiah Wright incident.

    Right now Gov. Palin is receiving an unprecidented amount of air time over trivial non-issues. And as we’ve seen, it isn’t always positive. And with all due respect, McCain has turned down what could have been an excellent spot of air time when he cancelled his Larry King Live interview.

    Also, just as the Kennedy/Nixon election was the media is probably going to spend time covering a speaker who is more PR friendly and captivating.

    John McCain can’t exactly crowd stadiums like Senator Obama can. The media goes where the story goes.

    I echo my earlier frustration, without Tim Russert this election is going CRAZY.

  18. Big Dog says:

    No BJ, apples and oranges is comparing a person who ran n a primary to one who is selected for VP. Biden was selected as well. BTW, Obama as selected, not elected. He did not have a majority of the votes and he did not have enough delegates to win. His party selected him.

    You guys complained about Bush when you said he was selected not elected. Why the change? Oh yeah, he is a Dem.

  19. Austin says:

    Actually, Barack Obama did have a majority of the votes and the delegates. If he didn’t Hillary Clinton would have been the democratic nominee.

    I don’t know of anyone other than very bitter Hillary Clinton supports (who obviously can’t do math) that think Barack Obama was “selected.”

  20. Billy Joe says:

    Within the rules of the Democratic party nomination process, Obama won. He won more delegates; that’s how it’s decided & I think that’s how the Republican process works, as well. That’s a little different than the Supreme Court issuing an anonymous verdict terminating a recount.

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would suggest that Palin is even remotely more qualified for the job than say, even Kay Baily Hutchinson or Elizabeth Dole or Susan Collins.

    You’re doing your best to avoid addressing the concern expressed by Reagan’s own speechwriter and hardcore Republican Peggy Noonan, also. Can you explain the video above? Pretty damning, if you ask me. I assume just prior to letting this truth slip out she was on air talking about how great McCain/Palin are, too. In typical Republican fashion.

    I hope Palin stays on the ticket. It’ll energize the shrinking Republican base of religious fundamentalists, but everyone who is not insane (or trying to milk the government thru no-bid contracts) is just dumbstruck by the complete lack of judgement McCain’s selection demonstrates.

    Does anyone actually think she has the qualifications to be the CIC, let alone run the worlds largest economy? She appears to be a Monica Goodling clone who just so happend to win her run for governor. At least the Iraqis have embraced Obama’s position on Iraq (which the administatoin is attempting to coopt now). Palin appears to know less than even McCain – a guy who doesn’t seem to know the difference between Shiites & Sunnis.

    I’m glad that conservatives are openly embracing incompetence & teen pregnancy though. This convention has been hiliarious and has really shown their true colors. I see Tom Delay even threw a big party at the convention & Ralph Reed did a fundraiser for McCain just last week. If only Jack Abramoff was there, it’d be just like the old days, except the average age of the attendees would be 8 years higher.

  21. Big Dog says:

    Not quite the same? The Supreme Court stopped the counting that was ONLY taking place in heavily Democratic counties. If you do a recount in a state vote that close you can’t pick and choose where to count.

    I think Palin is as qualified as these ladies but they would be considered insiders, like Joe Biden, and she is an outsider. We could debate if she is more or less qualified than these ladies but she is more qualified than Obama.

    So answer this, what experience does Obama have to be CIC? I mean, Palin is the CIC of the Alaska National Guard. She is in charge of the militia of her state. Obama has never been in charge of any military force.

    She has run an 11 billion dollar economy in Alaska. What size budget has Obama run to qualify him? I can promise you it is nowhere near what she has run.

    As for the rest of your blather, it is endless talking points. No bid contracts. Go check the one Clinton gave to Halliburton.

    As for ten pregnancy, it happens. The difference is we don’t look at it as a punishment like Obama and we do not MURDER the children.

  22. Austin says:

    To answer the CIC questions: I broke down the budget of Alaska and the budget of the Obama campaign and they are (on a month by month basis) practically the same amount. Also, Barack Obama served a larger constituancy while on the state legislature in Illinois than Senator Palin did while as governor.

    And both Senator Obama and Senator Biden have stated that they will not debate on Sarah Palin’s experience, just on her stance on the issues.

    Also, Mr. Obama has expressed that he admires the courage of Bristol Palin and believes that candidates personal lives, ESPECIALLY WHEN CHILDREN ARE INVOVLED are strictly OFF LIMITS to campaigns and the media. He asked the media to quote “back off” of Bristol Palin. He went on the explain that his mother had him when she was only 18 and that amazing things can come from the children of teen parents.

    Obama has never called this a “punishment.”

    Also, would someone explain why it is morally wrong to abort a peanut but OK to risk the life a baby just so he can be born in your hometown?

    I find that quite hypocritical. There is a bg difference between a bitty little fetus and a fully grown baby looking for the exit.

  23. Redhead Infidel says:

    It’s quite funny to go back and read some of the mightily UNINFORMED comments above after Palin delivered such a powerful speech tonight. She ignited that room!

    Spin your fear as scorn and disdain…no one believes you.

  24. Big Dog says:

    NONE of Obama’s was executive experience and if you think he is running the day to day you are misinformed. He has less experience.

    A Governor is an executive leader, a Senator is NOT.

    Are you an OB/GYN? I doubt you are bright enough. Her doctor said it was OK for her to travel and that is all you need to know. It is none of your business.

    If you think that a developing child is a peanut then I was right, you are a liberal. Your family has good credentials but you do not. Abortion is murder, regardless of what you might think.

    The point though, is that Palin talked to her doctor about it and she received a medical opinion that is far better than you or Alan Colmes could hope to do. Why are you worried about the kid anyway, seems you don’t know much about the unborn.

  25. Schatzee says:

    I believe I did hear BO say that a young girl should not be “punished” for the mistake of getting pregnant (inferring that having a child was a punishment). But to be honest, I am not certain of the exact words I just know that is my interpretation of what he said.

    Also, I respect anyone’s right to argue their opinion but find it offensive when you use the term “peanut” to refer to an embryo. It is an embryo, fetus, blastula – take your pick but please do not refer to human beings (or potential human beings for those who are unsure of when life begins) as peanuts.

    I do know that BO believes in partial birth abortions and shelving babies that are ALREADY born and this is far more hazardous to their health than traveling. They get to the exit and have their brains sucked out.

  26. Cao says:

    Schatzee: that is one of the biggest Obama gaffes of all time.

    As long as they keep the focus OFF of what Obama says, he won’t look the boob that he really is.

    He also said that his campaign deserves to be acknowledged as executive experience, LOL

    Great article, BD.

  27. Austin says:

    I’m not starting the ethics of abortion debate. I’m starting they hypocrisy in Palin’s pro-life stance debate.

    The “peanut” is a reference to size. On another website I brought this up and used “fetus” only to have one reader seriously confused about “how far along” are we talking.

    Its a fact that it is unwise to fly late in pregnacy but it is downright dangerous to fly while in labor. Especially with a DS baby. DS babies require immediate attention at birth because DS babies can have heart problems.

    Palin claims that she felt ok with her previous experience in labor that she could fly back. But like me, Palin is not a medical professional. Had Trig Palin been born on that plane it is very unlikely that he would have come off it alive.

    I can’t image a doctor would actually give to go ahead for such a risk.

    And even if she received permission from a medical professional any pregnancy over 35 is a high risk pregnancy, especially when that child is a special needs baby.

    To take ANY risks like this with ANY pregnancy is NOT OK in my book.

    She’s says that it is so noble that she gave birth to Trig.

    While I am pro choice, I would never abort a pregnancy just because of Downs Syndrome.

    And as for partial birth abortions:

    Partial birth is a political term, not a medical one. It was coined by the National Right to Life Council. And contrary to the NRLC’s claims, most “partial birth abortions” are not performed during the 3rd trimester, but rather between 20-24 weeks.

    Yes, there are people who have 2nd trimester abortions without a legit medical reason. However, for those parents who do have an abortion for a legit medical reason it is necessary to keep “partial birth abortions” legal because rarely do severe medical conditions show up until later into a pregnancy.

  28. Big Dog says:

    I don’t care when they abort it, the process kills a child. There are plenty of partial birth abortions that occur just before delivery.

    I say that when you become a medical professional we will pay attention to your opinion about it. My opinion, as a Registered Nurse, is that she followed her doctor’s advice and that is fine.

  29. Austin says:

    Despite what the NRLC says, legally you can’t perform a “partial birth abortion just before delivery” without an EXTREME medical reason.

    And like I stated earlier, I don’t care if Palin was listening to the advice of her doctor if you are so Pro-Life it is undenialable hypocrisy to take such a risk.

  30. Big Dog says:

    Funny, cause I know a lot of people in the medical profession who have a differing opinion than you. I should defer to you, what is your medical specialty?

    I will also defer to the doctor on the travel issue. I am positive the doc knows more about the risks than you do.

    Life is full of risks and I am sure that if either of them felt there was a risk then she would not have traveled. But maybe I am wrong. Tell me again about all your medical training and what the risks were. I would like to know how you made such an evaluation on a subject you know little about compared to a doctor regarding a patient you have never seen.

    Try a new tact because this will not fly.

  31. Bunny Colvin says:

    I don’t attack Palin “out of fear”. Truth be told, I would be much more fearful of another (r)epuke victory if McBush had named Huckleberry as his running mate. But thankfully, his inept campaign team does almost nothing right and will cost him this election.

    Sarah Palin deserves to be attacked because she does not practice what she preaches. She favors abstinence-only sex education and is hostile to birth control but can’t keep her seventeen year old daughter from getting pregnant. It’s as simple as that.


  32. rock says:

    I don’t know what it is with all these “libs & media types”…(one in the same I suppose), running around trying to convince us that they are not afraid of McCain/Palin….and trying to tell us how their life long repub “granny” hates the pick…

    sounds to me though that “granny” is a life long closet lib and wasnt going to vote for McCain anyway…

    btw…did you here that obama is really a Muslim terrorist, and that he is secretly hiding his identity until after the election, then he plans to over-throw the government and enslave America?

    Must be true…..if a blogger said it…..

  33. Austin says:

    Like I stated earlier, I am not debated the ethics of abortion but the hypocrisy behind Sarah Palin’s abortion stance.

    As for where my opinion on abortion comes from: I serve on women’s health roundtable with Iowa Lt. Gov Patti Judge at a Women’s Heath Center in Iowa. Up until recently, I served on the board that determined what medical information
    North East Iowa students receive regarding sex education, pregnancy information, pelvic exams, STI’s, GLBT information, etc.

    I highly doubt I would have been selected by a hospital if I didn’t know what I was talking about.