They Are Not Violent Killers

Prisoners at Guantanamo Base rioted in a clash with guards who tried to prevent another terrorist from committing suicide. The prisoners were upset that guards tried to stop a “detainee” from hanging himself.

Detainees used fans, light fixtures and other improvised weapons to attack the guards as they entered a communal living area to stop a prisoner who was trying to hang himself, Durand said.

I don’t know why it is that our military, which is vilified by the left, would go through so much to prevent a person from taking his life. After all, we have been told about how badly we torture them and that they are mysteriously dying because we are being rough with them. If our military is full of so many bad people, why would they risk injury to help one of the killers? Perhaps our guys have a higher regard for human life than the moonbat organizations lead us to believe.

Jay at Stop the ACLU notes that the ACLU got involved when our military tried to force feed people who were dying during a hunger strike. The ACLU was upset we got involved in the terrorist’s right to die. He now wonders if the ACLU will intervene again on behalf of the bad guys.

Club Gitmo is not a great place to be yet the moonbat world ignores the abuse our military takes. One day, the left will wake up and realize we are at war with people who have no regard for life.


[UPDATE]: I wonder how many moonbat sites will take the terrorist’s side on this one?

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