These People Would Have Been Given Amnesty

Though the Senate and the President keep telling us that the immigration bill is not amnesty and that it would be good for this country there is no doubt that a bill nearly 1000 pages in length contains items that will end up hurting us in the end. For instance, the bill has unintended consequences. It is unlikely that any German Nazis still reside in America and if they did they would be near death, but the immigration bill would grant them amnesty and possibly reparations. That just just one of the gems written into this amnesty package.

But Big Dog, how can this be relevant? There are few of these people around and they will all be dead soon. This bill is designed to help those hard working immigrants who are decent people (except when they broke the law to get here). I can not possibly see how this is a bad thing.

Well, what about all the gang members and various other thugs who are here ILLEGALLY? Since our government can not keep track of the 12-20 million ILLEGALS who are here it is no stretch to say they will not be able to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad ones. They will be granting amnesty (make no mistake, this is amnesty) to people who have no regard for the law in the first place and to others who are terrible people in addition to being invaders.

Really Big Dog, you exaggerate! Even if there are a few bad apples here they will certainly be small in number and our government will find them and then deal with them. Just because we could not keep them from breaking in does not mean we can not find out who the bad ones are.

Immigration raids this week hauled in a number of ILLEGALS who were wanted for various crimes such as murder, child molestation, and other crimes including ignoring deportation orders. There are over 600,000 fugitive ILLEGALS in this country and those are just the ones we know about. What about the 10,000 or so members of MS 13? They are here and running the new mob with drug rackets all over the country. They are committing crimes each and every day and there are others who have yet to be caught.

The immigration amnesty bill would make these people legal. We are aware that the Senate promises that they will do background checks on all of them. Right, and if anyone believes that they are on crack. Even if the government could check on all of them, who is to say Mexico or any other country would give us the information on them. One thing is certain, if they are here ILLEGALLY, they have already committed a felony. That should be enough to send them packing but our Senate and the President are hell bent on providing these law breakers with greater opportunities then citizens of this country. I am sure there are quite a few people in jail for minor crimes who would like a deal like the ILLEGALS are being offered. The government has shown us time and again that they do things half way and that once they get what they want they do not care if the rest is ever completed. For Republicans this is cheap labor and for Democrats it is more votes. Throw in the Catholic Church and their desire to pick up the huge population of Catholics from Mexico and it is easy to see why everyone is so determined to push this through regardless of American opinion.

We need to put an end to this thing and ensure that it is never resurrected again. We need to make sure that those who pushed it and those who vote for it are removed from office in the next election regardless of what party they belong to and regardless of what party they are replaced by.

Be sure to sign the petition! We need to keep the pressure on Congress and the President.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “These People Would Have Been Given Amnesty”

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