There Will Be Bloodshed

I discussed my feelings about Israel pulling out of Gaza. I made it clear that I felt it was a mistake to give up strategic land and allow your enemies to surround you. I decided that it would be a watch and see proposition and as long as peace truly comes from the pull out then it was worth it. I have however, been suspicious of the Palestinians and their motives. I know they are talking peace and making nice but Hamas is in the shadows and rearming. Senior Hamas commander Mohammed Deif has called for the destruction of the Jewish state. Here is what the peace monger had to say:

“You are leaving Gaza today in shame,” Deif said in comments directed toward Israel, which finished evacuating the last of its 21 Gaza settlements Monday. “Today you are leaving hell. But we promise you that tomorrow all Palestine will be hell for you, God willing.”

“We did not achieve the liberation of the Gaza Strip without this holy war and this steadfastness,” he said, adding that attacks should continue until Israel is eradicated.

I knew the Palestinians were stirring it up when they named the airport after Yassir Arafat, the longtime terrorist leader of the Palestinians (and good friend of the Clintons). To name an airport after the terrorist who orchestrated the deaths of so many Jews, who happen to be giving up their land, is a slap in the face and a foreshadowing of events to come. Couple that with the remarks of Deif and you have the ingredients for a nasty fight.

As I said, I am willing to look at this and pray it results in peace in the region. I know Israel gave up a lot to help the process and they will probably be asked to give even more, which I think they should refuse. I would also think that Palestine needs to be on a short leash. The Jews can not have a bomber here and a bomber there showing up and wiping out its people. They need to make it clear that Palestinian officials are responsible for keeping its people in check and that any act of violence will be met with swift death from the very capable Israeli military. If there is violence the Israelis need to fight and keep on going until they have eradicated the Palestinians from the face of the Earth but they need to make sure Palestine knows and understands that from the start. If the Palestinians can not keep their word then the Israelis should eliminate them and take all their land.

You can read the story here.

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21 Responses to “There Will Be Bloodshed”

  1. boknows says:

    Israel has made concession after concession to these terrorists. I have no doubt that there is more terror on the horizon. I agree that Israel should make undoubtedly clear, once and for all, that any violence will be met with swift justice, i.e., obliteration of this so-called “Palestinian state.”

    As former PM Netanyahu said to dear ole’ Mr. Hannity on the radio last week, (and I paraphrase)– Arabs can live peacefully with Jews in a Jewish state, protected and respected by the same laws . . .but Arabs will NEVER allow Jews to live among Arabs peacefully.

    Let the games begin . . .

  2. Adam says:

    “If there is violence the Israelis need to fight and keep on going until they have eradicated the Palestinians from the face of the Earth…”

    Thank God you are not in charge of things.

  3. Big Dog says:

    If I were in charge of things we would have no pussy footing around. You would rather have the Palestinians continue to harass and kill Jews?
    I think they have made the concessions and now they need to make it clear they will not tolerate any more attacks. End of story.

    Let us be more thankful you are not in charge or the Jews would be wiped off the Earth and the terrorists would have a strangle hold on everything.

  4. boknows says:

    BIG DOG wrote —

    “Let us be more thankful you are not in charge or the Jews would be wiped off the Earth and the terrorists would have a strangle hold on everything.”

    A big Southern Indiana Amen, Big Dog!

    As I sat watching my television (with tears in my eyes) as Israeli families were forced to leave their homes, schools, synagogues, land, etc., (the same homes, schools, synagogues, land etc. that fifty-some short years ago they fought with blood to gain) I began to clarify my own thoughts on the relationship the United States has with this democratic, freedom-loving state. I found myself curious as to why a lot of Americans either don’t understand/don’t care/or entirely disagree with our need to support Israel politically, militarily, economically, etc. Our elected leadership in Washington (at the American peoples’ insistance) needs to stand tall and resolute with our support.

    I ran across an article (Why Do We Support Israel?) at The article was written approximately one year ago. As the truths identified therein are hard to argue with, more importantly, they are increasingly relevant today! It would do all of us, (especially the comlibs on the left) a tremendous amount of good to refresh our minds and commitment to this small, yet powerful ally of the United States.

    If you find yourself visiting be sure to peruse the article entitled Why Do They Hate Us? (And Why Do We Care?). If you are at all curious about the “reasons” Islamothugs use their children to kill our children, this article may clear things up a bit!

    God bless.

  5. Adam says:

    Big Dog:

    No, I just realize that Palestinian does not equal terrorist, so why would you call for the death of all Palestinians to get at the terrorist elements?


    Did it not occur to you that Palestinians were kicked off their land in that war you speak of? Israel occupies Palestine. Yes, it’s sad to have to go, but if it can bring peace and an end to blood shed it’s worth a try. Only fools like Big Dog miss the difference between terrorists and the people of the nations they work in.

  6. Big Dog says:

    I guess with your head up your tail pipe it is difficult to understand so I will spell it out. What part of I hope that it works out and I am praying that this works out escapes you? I think that we have gotten to a point where Palestine is responsible for the actions of the terrorists. You can fondle Arafat and say he was a wonderful guy but he sponsored terrorism and the state still does. Don’t try pulling that high and mighty BS and insulting my intelligence. Only a fool like you, Adam, fail to see the connection between the Palestinian state and terrorism. You must be anti Semitic because you always defend the people who blow up the Jews and want them eliminated from the Earth.
    Yes, Israel took the land in a fight. We got Texas like that and the World is full of countries who took their land in a war. Jackasses like you think everyone should just roll over and spread their cheeks while nasty people kill them off. Well I think the Jews have had enough and they have given enough even while being taunted and goaded BY STATE SPONSORED TERRORISTS.
    I thank God every day that people like you do not run this country and that people like you have never run it in a time of hostility. If that were the case we would all be speaking German and Japanese.

  7. boknows says:


    Israel “occupies” Palestine?!?

    Let’s review. . .

    “This is the land of which I swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, ‘I will give it to your offspring'” (Deut. 34:4).

    “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. (Ezekiel 36:26-27)

    “You will live in the land I gave your forefathers; you will be my people, and I will be your God.(Ezekiel 36:28)

    “They will say, “This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Eden; the cities that were lying in ruins, desolate and destroyed, are now fortified and inhabited.” (Ezekiel 36:35)

    I realize that God’s gift of land to Abraham and his descedents was not unconditional. Repentance is the solo act here. However, He made the covenant with them and them alone!

    As a Christian, I too struggle with the claims of both sides to the land. Jesus tells me that salvation is as much for the Jew as the Palestinian.

    You stated:

    “Yes, it’s sad to have to go, but if it can bring peace and an end to blood shed it’s worth a try.”

    The state of Israel has made one concession after another. “They” (the Palestinians) have no desire for peace or an end to blood shed. They desire and will kill for complete domination. Please, don’t kid yourself on this one, Adam!

  8. boknows says:


    One last thought. . .

    Instead of spending all of your time in the leftosphere, why don’t you grab a few of your Supreme Court justices, head out to Yassar “I build terrorists” Arafat airport, and Eminent Domain their Israeli a**es!


    Southern Indiana Red, USA and proud! Woof!

  9. Surfside says:

    One more time, everyone. Israel made this decision through a democratic process of electing politicians in favor of this move. One cannot espouse the spreading of democracy, and then condemn it whenever the actions taken by such a government is undesirable. That would just be paying lip service to the ideal.

    It was not our decision; it was their decision. Pontificate, judge, prognosticate — whatever you wish. It was their decision to make; and, as their ally, we must support their it and try to make it work. It has never been easy to give birth to a democratic process. It took more than seven years before this country could embrace its destiny. I hardly think that a week is enough time to judge anything where the Palestinians are concerned. Did anyone really think Hamas wasn’t going to try to grab some credit?

    Would anyone appreciate those in Israel trying to tell America what the country’s policy should be on foreign relations or border issues? I think not.

    As Christians, we should all understand that the “turn the other cheek” policy encouraged by Jesus has the intended consequence/result that the “attacker” will reconsider the action. Unless a hand is proffered, it can never be shaken.

    BTW, boknows, the CIA considered Israel to be the occupier of the Gaza strip.

  10. Big Dog says:

    We have stated that this was Israel’s decision and that we hope it works. However, We all know from history what will likely happen and are reflecting that in our thoughts. I do not want to be able to say I told you so for I hope it works out with peace on both sides. Since Palestine is a terrorist state, this is unlikely.

    Israel has proffered its hand many times only to have it blown off. This is one last effort and while you are right in that we need to support our allies, we can also speculate as to the success of such actions. BTW, no one in Israel elected Sharon to do this. This was not placed on referendum and the people had no say. I imagine if he ran for office with this platform he would never have been elected. I will bet he is not reelected.

    The American Indians look at us as occupiers and the Mexicans look at us as occupiers. This view does not make them correct. Just because the CIA says that Israel is an occupier does not make it so. I never knew the CIA trumped God.

  11. Adam says:

    Big Dog:

    I always suspected you’d be an apologist for manifest destiny. It really figures…

    You can get as nasty as you want to me, but you’re still off the mark for calling for the death of all Palestinians because they have factions connected to terrorism. They are not responsible for terrorists. There is no point where they are.

    Yeah, I must hate the Jews if I don’t want Palestinians to die. I love it!


    I’m a Christian myself, but sorry…quoting the Bible doesn’t make you correct about the struggle between Israel and Palestine.

  12. Adam says:

    “What part of I hope that it works out and I am praying that this works out escapes you?”

    The title of the entry for one, “There Will Be Bloodshed.” It’s like me saying “I hope the Republicans do well in next years election.” in an entry titled “The Republicans Will Loose Seats.”

  13. boknows says:

    BTW, surfside, are you referring to the same CIA who:

    1. Promoted the likes of Aldrich Ames and others into high positions within the organization at the risk, torture, and death of Americans; or

    2. The same CIA who supported the military coup in Iraq and the subsequent Saddam Hussein-led government up until the point of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; or

    3. The same CIA who left Al-Qaeda and bin laden and their terror plots unchecked for years (approximately ten years prior to 9/11); or . . .

    My bottom line here, surfside, is they (the CIA) have made many a mistake in the past. I don’t put a lot of stock in their take on Israel as the occupier of the Gaza strip.

    Outside of the “opinions” of the CIA, there is still just cause for concern with regards to conceding to the Palestinians, once again. I do not and will not believe for one second that they want peace. History has repeated itself over and over again as far as the Palestinians are concerned. . .they are TERRORISTS!

  14. Big Dog says:

    Adam, you are so narrow minded. The title is what I think will happen..Yet, I pray it does not. I just feel in my heart that it will. As for the Palestinians, let us not forget their President was the biggest terrorist around for many many years. They were led by a terrorist and that is what they know.

    I hope there is peace but if I were an Israeli I would be prepared for battle.

  15. boknows says:


    I already said that “as a Christian, I, too, struggle with the claims of both sides to the land,” but my point in “quoting the Bible” was to remind you and others that this land was given to ISRAEL by GOD! I struggle with the claims from both sides solely because I have no idea how or when (maybe it has already happened) God and the Jews will reconcile.

    I don’t give a flip what you, surfside, and others may claim. . .the final authority is God. . .not the CIA, and certainly not the Palestinians.

    In the midst of all that has happened, I will not believe, for one second, that Israel has found a loving, peaceful neighbor in the Pasestinians because of their (not theirs, but Sharon’s) latest concession.

    We all want peace for that part of the world. But let us remain realistic! There will be more bloodshed —

  16. Surfside says:

    It isn’t just the CIA that feels that way. I guess you’re forgetting, boknows, that every President and the majority of politicians in the past 15+ years have encouraged a peaceful resolution through relinquishing these territories. The stumbling block was alway Arafat and his Hamas buddies. Of course, it didn’t help that Bill and Hill cuddled up to Yaser and Suha whenever possible — emboldening them and effectively truncating Clinton’s attempts at Mid-East peace. Talk about kicking yourself in the ass. . . .

    I think it’s a big mistake to label an entire nation of people as “terrorists.” Part of what “made” some of these people into suicide bombers was the deplorable conditions in which they lived. $10,000 or more for a family who makes maybe $11 a week can be an incredible motivator. (Seems to me, when you are paying some to blow themselves up, you lose the righteous indignation of your cause and it becomes a mercenary endeavor.)

    Their unemployment is at a whopping 50%. They are in a 5-way tie for second to last from the bottom of 232 countries with a GDP per capita of only $600. Only East Timor has a lower GDP per capita. Perhaps if you can address the underlying problem, some of the unrest would disappear.

    BTW, welcome to the blog. Big Dog and I don’t often disagree. This is one of those rare events.

  17. Adam says:

    Narrow minded? Comedy as usual, Big Dog. I’m not the one who wants to kill all Palestinians because there are terrorists from there, or because their former president was a terrorist.

    The only difference in the killing of innocents is that the Israeli terrorists are called an army, and are said to be defending the land they stole from Palestine just fifty years ago.

    I can see it now. Fifty years from now Iraq is a nation owned by the United States. Violence has rocked the region for years without end. We are giving up land to the Iraqi people, making concessions to stop the violence, leaving our homes. The concessions won’t work though, because we all know that the Iraqi people don’t want peace or land, they just want to kill all Americans. Anger towards America is so unjustified. If the Iraqi people respond with violence America should kill every single one of them…

  18. boknows says:


    Presidents and politicians encouraging a peaceful resolution through Israel relinquishing these territories, is a whole different story than accomplishing said peace.

    We must all pray for an end to this violence, even while we question the reality of a “peace” that has led Israel to give over to Palestinian control large areas that helped it maintain its security. We a dealing with a Palestinian/Arab culture deep-rooted in terrorism. This same culture that seems to have a very different understanding of the term “peace.”

    BTW, thanks for your welcome to Big Dog’s Blog. I enjoy the opporunity to post with insightful individuals.

    To blog or not to blog . . .where’s the question?

    Until next time,


  19. Surfside says:

    Whoa, Adam! Have you completely lost all sense of reality? The Gaza Strip and Iraq have absolutely no parallel whatsoever. We are not, nor do we intend to, move Americans into Iraq as permanent residents. We have no plans to “wall off” Iraq and monitor every person that cross the border. We have no plans to control commerce, land, employment and natural resources. We are encouraging the Iraqis to establish their own government and determine their own destiny.

    Big Dog and boknows have a valid point that these territories were won in a war. The return of this land is a goodwill gesture on behalf of Israel. Make no mistake about it.

    Big Dog & boknows, don’t act like Israel or the US has no culpability in the Palestinian issue. There’s plenty to go around on this issue. Israeli launched the war against Egypt in 1967. Bad Russian intelligence helped touch things off on the Egyptian side. During this “Cold War” event, Russia pitted their Arab allies against our Israeli ally. It was much bigger than a simple land grab.

    It may be interesting to add that much of which led up to the Six Day War happened under two Democratic administrations.

  20. Adam says:

    Yeah, consider me cracked on this issue…

  21. boknows says:

    Enough said . . .