There Is No MSM Bias?

Let a gold star mother go before the public and trash the President of the United States and she is a hero to the left. The MSM can’t give her enough air time. When she camps out in Crawford Texas she is touted as a hero of the left. Every reference to her is followed by the clarification that she lost a son in Iraq. Every word Cindy Sheehan utters is printed or aired and no one in the MSM questions whether her words are truthful because to them she is the truth. Her words are printed at lefty blogs like The Huffington post and she gets invited to the State of the Union address so she can embarrass herself. She is mouthpiece for Michael Moore and the rest of the hate America crowd. The anti-war left loves her and the MSM hangs on her every word.

Let a gold star mother who supports the war and indicates that her son taught her courage try to get her message out and she is shunned by the “unbiased” MSM. Merrilee Carlson chairs a group of families who have lost a loved one in the war. They produced two commercials and they were test marketing them in Minnesota. The station they wanted to run the commercials on refused to do so because they objected to these two lines, from families of the fallen:

  1. The media only reports the bad news, but American troops are making real progress
  2. You would never know it from the news reports, but our enemy in Iraq is Al Qaeda.

The station said that it left the impression that it was targeted at them and would have aired it if the lines had been changed to indicate the media in general. Perhaps that is so but the fact that it is an election year and this message was intended to clear up some of the mindless prattle coming out of Sheehan’s mouth certainly played into it. Think not? Then why:

On Thursday, February 16th, the Chair of the Democrat Party in Minnesota called on all TV stations to pull the ad. The top Democrats in Minnesota want to suppress the message of Carlson’s group.

The commercials will not go national and there is no debate about them because the MSM has failed to cover them. If this had been a Sheehan group saying that soldiers were having sex with chickens and spreading bird flu it would have been aired for free and made the front pages of every liberal newspaper in the country.

The next time they tell you the MSM is not biased, ask them what they know about Cindy Sheehan. After they tell you all they know ask them what they know about Merrilee Carlson. When they tell you nothing inform them they would if the MSM were not biased.


Read the entire article. It will shed new light on the oppressive media and the hate America Democratic Party. It will also show you that those who cry the loudest about free speech only mean that speech with which they agree is free.

As always, I welcome your comments.

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6 Responses to “There Is No MSM Bias?”

  1. keef says:

    It’s sickening, and it’s obvious, but any moonbat will deny MSM bias. I can’t stand the press; I despise the left!!!

  2. Bosun says:

    Another great post with insight, Big Dog. I borrowed this blog, too and cross-posted it at The Bos’un Locker and at Knickerbocker News. Man, are you insightful in your work and your analogies. You are Michelle Malkin class! :smile2_ee:

  3. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the comments folks. Bos’un, you are way too kind and Malkin is better looking than I!!
    I appreciate the input but it is the team that will rid us of the liberalism and I’m glad we’re on the same side.

  4. N. Mallory says:

    Hmmm. Well, you know, I’m not a big fan of Cindy Sheehan. I support her right to free speech though I think some of her actions are inappropriate. I also support this other group you’re talking about as far as their right to free speech and equal time.

    I do think there is a bias in the media. I think it depends on the station and the area and the perception in most cases. I don’t agree with that station’s perception as you’ve described it.

    Very interesting indeed. I’ll have to look into this more.

    Of course, this goes back to the 80’s when Reagan got rid of the legislation that assured equal time for opposing views in the media, which allows for right-winged Fox News or slightly left NPR.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Appreciate the comments.
    I don’t think that the removal of equal time is a factor and I don’t think that a privately owned network should be required to provide equal time. Though I will say that Fox certainly has more opposite opinions than do the liberal major networks.

    I think that it is obvious that the station involved decided that they did not like what was being said. The MSM did not pick up the story and the Democratic party was oppressive because they did not like the message. No one censored Sheehan for the things they said.

    I agree that how the MSM is depends on where you are when it comes to local stations. Most national networks are definitely liberal.

  6. […] That other mom was a full-time, anti-war protester for more than a year before she came up with the PR stunt to go to Crawford during the president’s vacation. The media accepted the stunt and gave her message enormous coverage. This prompted Carlson to take action for her message. Now Carlson is in the middle of legitimate news and the media is silent. [“Pro-military mom silenced by mainstream media” (] A Google search of Merrilee Carlson brought up precious little than a few opinion articles about the above issue and this article about the death of Sgt. Michael Carlson — o.k. 29,100 links.  In comparison, I could look at about 9,770,000 different links on Cindy Sheehan if I had the time and interest. Anyway, I find it fascinating that Democrats are campaigning to keep her commercial from airing.  Yet another disappointment from that party and proof that they’re all alike.  I find it interesting that she is a Democrat to begin with.  I also find it terribly fascinating that I found this violation of an American’s Civil Rights on not one of the liberal blogs I read but on the most right-wingingest blog I read. […]