There Is No I In Team

The Democrats have unveiled this new great plan not to allow any more Congressional pay raises until the minimum wage has been raised. To me this is a great thing because the minimum wage can stay where it is and members of Congress will have a pay freeze. Of course, this is all smoke and mirrors. The Democrats do not care about the pay raise because it has already taken effect and they are only concerned about the minimum wage until November. If they cared about the minimum wage they would stop making it easy for ILLEGALS to come here and get jobs that pay below the minimum wage. When there are more jobs than workers, employers must pay more for employees because there is competition for the jobs. Supply and demand is not a strong suit for the Democrats.

The Democrats, more specifically Clinton, Reid, and Schumer are all in a tizzy about this new proposal. Is it because they can not get it through? Is it because there is opposition? Is it because they will all starve without a pay raise? No, it is because they had a press conference to announce it and Madam Hillary was not told about it or invited until the last minute. You see, on a real team, the members do not care who gets the credit. This is how championships are won. The old adage “No I In Team” is true but these donks are not concerned with that because they want to be able to tell everyone it was their plan (unless it goes badly and then they will pass the buck or blame George Bush). Democrats would do well to remember that a group can accomplish a whole lot more when no one cares who gets the credit. With these egomaniacs, being able to tell people they did something is important for them. Unfortunately, it is destructive for the country.

They are real mature about it as well. Reports indicate that a Clinton Aide said to a Reid aide “You suck.” That is the party of maturity and wisdom that wants you to believe they can run this country effectively. As far as Congressional pay goes, I do not remember any of the Democrats voting against the pay raise this year nor do I remember any of them complaining when the procedure to vote for their raises was changed. You see, years ago, they had to vote for or against a pay raise. They voted themselves one every year and people got upset because, quite frankly, they do not deserve what they are making much less a pay raise. Additionally, when Carter had the interest rates at 21% or we were in one recession or another, they still got a pay raise. People who were being laid off found that tough to handle.

So some years ago they changed the procedure. The pay raise issue is there and is automatic UNLESS they specifically vote against it. So basically, each year they get a pay raise unless they stop it. They do not have to vote for it and that makes it out of sight-out of mind. Most Americans never realize that the raise has occurred because it is often unmentioned or little publicized. The moonbats mentioned above do not care about minimum wage. They are using the issue as an election year stunt to try to get votes. They will never go without a pay raise and they know it.

I have an idea. Why don’t we tie pay raises to performance. If you make so many percent of the votes it counts, if you are in attendance for more than so many days a year. You know, the kinds of things the rest of us are expected to do for our employers each and every day. We should also demand that they change the pay raise back to one where they have to vote for it so we will all know that it is taking place. It needs to be by name, not show of hands so we can have them on the record. Perhaps we can get a ballot initiative going to allow the public to decide if they get a raise or not. For a body that has a 20% approval rating they sure make a lot of money.

As it stands right now, I hope that they stick to their guns and prevent pay raises until the minimum wage is raised. I also hope they never raise the minimum wage. Then we will have a double win and I am all for that.

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