There Is A Health Threat From The Illegals

I know there are folks who think that the diseases entering the nation via the illegal aliens are no big deal and that we have diseases all across the country so it should not matter but it does matter.

Regions of the world have different disease profiles and many developed nations have eradicated or largely controlled many of the diseases common in other places. When illegals enter this nation or any nation in mass the potential for an epidemic increases and this is particularly true when large groups of people are housed in close quarters and receive little or no medical evaluation before they are secreted to other areas.

It is easy to dismiss someone who writes about it on a blog because regardless of his experience he is not there. But many doctors and nurses are there and they are reporting that there is a huge influx of diseases that could result in outbreaks of those that are currently well controlled.

Dr. Elaina George reports that there is a large incidence of TB in those coming in and many folks who are not showing symptoms are infected and contagious. Drug resistant TB is a major issue and carriers could be moving about the nation infecting those with whom they come in contact. Public transportation, schools, and households that take in the illegals are all at risk for an outbreak.

There are plenty of other diseases that will spike as a result of the invasion and they will have a huge impact on our health and our economy.

The costs of treating a TB outbreak alone would be staggering and the toll on the health of our citizens will be great.

Consider huge numbers of school children infected with TB, lice, scabies and how that would affect communities. Consider still, diseases that affect those in our country who are immunocompromised or have yet to be vaccinated. These populations could see a spike in mortality.

This whole mess is the result of failed leadership in Washington. The failure has been occurring for decades and involves both political parties. The current crisis falls squarely on Obama but the issue has been festering under many politicians who have refused to enforce our laws.

How many people need to become ill before the nation responds in mass and the so called leaders get off their ample rear ends and do the right thing?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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