There Goes That Nasty Bush Administration Again

The G8 has agreed to cancel $40 BILLION in debt owed by poorer nations. The move will allow these nations to put $1.5 BILLION a year that would have been repaying debt back into their nations. This will pay for health care, education, and infrastructure development.

The deal was agreed to by the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy and France. I can already hear the libs saying that we had to agree because those other great nations were supporting it. Well lefties, here is the surprise of the day (for you):

The package agreed to Saturday was put forward by the United States and Britain following talks in Washington last week between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

How about that. Here is one for Jami again. Those nasty republicans just keep on doing it. And to that twit who said America was stingy during the tsunami, how about this for cheap you pencil neck geek?

This is a good idea to stimulate those countries. Take away the burden of debt. That is exactly what a tax cut does. People then have more money for things like health care. Of course, the difference is that those nations actually incurred a debt. For taxpayers, the money is extorted from them.

Read it here.

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